Project Day

More than most of you ever wanted to know about my weekly routine.

Theoretically, Friday is Craft Project Day, but it usually ends up being a catch-all, either for laundry that didn’t get done earlier in the week for some reason, or for some big project that really needs attention (I always seem to have one, whether it’s thank you notes or unpacking boxes), or occasionally just crashing because the rest of the week was exhausting.

Today, I had one main goal: figure out what food we need to use up before it goes bad. Trying to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables lends itself to problems with this, and with the recent move, I’d rather let this get away from me. (Despite efforts to avoid accumulating new vegetables during that time, because I knew this would happen!)

First, I gave the fridge a little pep talk. “You can do this,” I told it, “I know it’s a lot of food, but if we just rearrange it a little, you really can hold all if it without losing anything!”

It spit out a cabbage at me and said nothing.

Then I proceeded to throw away the vegetables that I’d had every intention of using days ago before they went bad… Oops. Surveying what was left, I knew what I needed to do. I needed to make a list of all the food I had to use promptly; I needed to research recipes some of it, so as to use it creatively in large quantity; I needed to make a meal plan for the next several days based on these recipes so as to use all the perishable food in an orderly and useful fashion.

I looked at the apples that I’d assumed had already gone bad before I got to them. They looked at me. I made apple fritters.

Before I continue, you should understand: my husband laughs at me when I claim that I actually followed a recipe. Actually, he just looks amused, and looks at me, and waits.

“No, I really did this time,” I insist.


“Well, I added more garlic, but that doesn’t really count. And substituting dried beans I cooked for canned beans doesn’t count either. Though… I did also add sausage and used a different form of mustard than it called for and used tomato paste and vegetable broth instead of tomato sauce. But I *practically* followed the whole thing!”

See, I didn’t buy white flour yesterday. I waited until Save A Lot to buy it, forgetting that they only carry bleached flour, and couldn’t bring myself to buy that.

So, I ground up some whole wheat flour. Having made really good whole wheat doughnuts before, I figured this would work just fine for apple fritters. And, needing a substitute for eggs, I thought this was the perfect time to use applesauce, as it would just increase the appliness. And I used turbinado sugar instead of white sugar, because I’m on a turbinado sugar kick. And, of course, I fried them in lard instead of canola oil, because, well, lard! (But really, I *practically* followed the recipe.)

The resultant apple fritters ranked high on taste but very low on comboblulation. Still, I will definitely make this version again any time that I need a pile of extremely yummy apple fritter crumbs.

So, overall today: I used up a gallon of extra milk by making cheese, leaving me with most of a gallon of whey to use up…I used up a few odds and ends of vegetables in the supper that I threw together in a hurry after making apple fritters…I threw away a few spoiled vegetables…and I very definitively rescued two nearly demised apples.

Yeah, I’m going to call that a win whether my to-do list agrees with me or not.

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