Speaking in Germs

Sometimes it seems that God’s main way of communicating with me is through colds and flus.

I’m acting like the world will fall apart if I deviate from my routines for a day? Routines fall apart because I’m exhausted.

I’m feeling whiny about not having enough time for all projects? Two days up in smoke so I can recover, and no closer to having my projects done.

Feeling obligated to go to a bunch of social events when I’d really just like to stay home with my husband? Social calender cleared with no guilt, to avoid giving germs to people.

I don’t really mind the last effect at all (though I wonder if there’s a way to achieve it without getting sick…), and I’m beginning to get the message about the first types of effects. And I can’t complain too much. After all, it’s better than droughts or locusts or something.

I do start to wonder though–is it that hard to get my attention? Isn’t there a slight nudge that could wake me up and make me notice my arrogance/laziness/complaining a little faster than being sick for a few days?

And then I just start to overthink the whole thing. Here I am, sick again, and I can’t identify any of my usual patterns in it.

Sure, I was just clearing my to do list and looking forward to getting to some of my projects I’d been putting off for a while, but I know this is just a slight delay, and for whatever reason I’m not even feeling whiny about it.

Sure, I was just getting some of my routines more firmly in the groove and will have to spend a day or two catching up (I was at a week and half staying completely caught up on dishes before getting sick, which I consider quite an accomplishment), but again, it’s just a delay, and I’m pretty sure I can get back in the groove again.

It wasn’t even a week where we had much scheduled.

So what in the world is God trying to tell me? What deep message am I missing?!? Why would anything happen that wasn’t all about me and what I need to…



A Duel with a Printer

Today I’m fighting with my printer. Again.

There are days when I love my printer. Those are the days when it flawlessly delivers a bountiful harvest of coupons. Or even when I can conveniently print out my shopping list, complete with notes about coupons, how much to spend at each store, and the most efficient route to cover all the stores in the proper order.

Other days I would like to tear up my printer into shreds roughly the size of nanobots and shoot its remains toward Poland. (That last bit was an inside joke for Russian history buffs… The rest of you can fill in whatever method of punishment seems most appropriate such as burning, strewing on the sea, etc.) Today is not quite one of those days, but it is rapidly approaching that status.

I have to admit, it may not even be my printer’s fault. It might be my computer or the router. If I knew that, I’d be one step closer to being able to use my printer again. All I have been able to determine is that my computer and my printer are not on speaking terms.

The printer works perfectly fine, printing test pages at the push of a button, and merrily giving me all the right answers to my questions–as long as I interact with it directly. As soon as I try to use my computer to print a test page the computer looks at me blankly and says, “Printer? What printer?”

I check the page of installed printers and point out that not only does it know this printer, it says that the printer is ready to go. “Oh, you mean this printer…” Yes, I say, of course I meant that printer, it’s the same printer you’ve been printing to for months! As I mutter, I try printing something again. And the computer stares off into space for a while as though considering my request and then says, “Printer? What printer?”

In desperation I decided to try reinstalling the printer entirely, but the computer has just upped the ante, insisting that there is no printer on this network that it can see. The printer continues to assure me that, yes maam, it is signed on the network with all the proper procedure and strings of numbers I don’t understand, and it has no idea why the computer is being difficult.

Possibly they need their heads knocked together. Or I should try the shooting them toward Poland thing. Or I might just wait until Colton gets home and direct his technology aura at it. Or… Wait, hang on… Apparently if I just connect them with a cable and tell the computer that the printer needs help connecting to the network, they figure it all out on their own. I’m not sure if this is the equivalent of locking them in a room and telling them to fight it out or creative counseling, but it would appear that the printer and computer are once again best friends and can’t imagine why I ever thought otherwise.

At least I can print my coupons now…


More than a quarter of my lifetime ago (about seven years) Seth typed in ‘sharppointythings’ in an effort keep Gabrielle and me from becoming terminally indecisive about a URL address and it stuck, even through a blog server change.

A Road Less Traveled aka sharppointythings started with the label ‘a record of our non-college adventures’. After four or five years of ‘not being in college’ we removed the label in recognition that we were drifting down a less defined path of being cultural rebels. We wrote a lot about doing laundry, nieces and nephews, dirty dishes and being single. We wrote about figuring out life and being confused about life and really not wanting to be single. Sometimes we even wrote about giving up on ever getting married. We had our trajectory down pretty well.

Then, almost two years ago, Gabrielle and I split blogs. I kept A Road Less Traveled, and she became Patches of Sunlight. We joked about breaking up and who got to keep the blog, but really, it just felt the time was right. Sad not to be continuing our five year tradition of being completely interchangeable, even on the internet, but about time that we got to pick our own blog templates.

Perhaps we should have split blogs years earlier, because by the end of that same year, I got engaged and Gabrielle was seriously dating. As you might guess, and as long time readers will testify, I got distracted from posting and posted even less than previously during engagement and the first year or so of marriage. Happiness is distracting from serious writing projects.

Over the past couple of months I’ve been feeling the urge to get back to regular writing. (Yes, I’m still very happy, just slightly less distracted than at first.) I’ve been intending to write more blog posts, but every time I start I get distracted by the state of the blog. The categories don’t fit any more. The About page still says I’m single. The Frequently Asked Questions are still hanging around from when Gabrielle shared the blog. In short, A Road Less Traveled is a lumbering behemoth which has lived past its time.

I’ll be transferring some of the posts over to A Day In The Life of The Duct Tape Valkyrie, but A Road Less Traveled will no longer be updated, and as is the way of the internet, will eventually cease to be.  A lot of good times were documented there. So were a lot of heartbreakingly difficult times, but ones that shaped who I am now. When you come down to it, it’s hard to say goodbye.

But without endings, how could there be beginnings?