How to Kind of Follow a Recipe, Part 2

Continuing my chicken marinating adventures of yesterday, I calculated precise times and temperatures for the various parts of dinner (which is to say I decided that 375 for 40 minutes was probably about right for chicken and root vegetables), promptly got distracted and started ten minutes late on dinner preparations.

While eagerly awaiting the results of my chicken marinade, I knew I had to peel and chop a rutabaga, a sweet potato, and several turnips first in order to get them in the oven the same time as the chicken. In true form, I sort of followed this recipe, but with different root vegetables and supplementing the olive oil with some melted butter.

Finally having the veggies peeled, chopped, drizzled and arranged on cookie sheets, and the oven preheated, I pulled out the chicken and put in in a casserole dish. It smelled good, but sharper than I expected.

I threw the veggies and chicken in the oven, (even further behind schedule now, since the peeling and chopping process took longer than predicted), added a cup of brown rice to the now only slightly frozen vegetable stock on the stove and waited. Okay, actually I washed dishes. Being caught up on dishes is slightly addictive, though difficult to achieve, even for only two people dirtying dishes. But I digress.

The rice turned out very rice like, which is probably good if you’re a fan of rice, which I’m not. I am however a fan of butter, and put in enough butter, along with salt and parsley to find the rice more than tolerable.

The root vegetables were quite good, as they have been every time I’ve roasted them. It turns out that one sweet potato, a very large rutabaga and several turnips makes enough for several meals. Yay for cheap, yummy, healthy food!

And I suppose you’re wondering how the chicken turned out?

The chicken had a mildly sweet and tangy taste, less dramatic than I would have preferred, but quite good, especially with some extra sauce spooned over the top. Overall, a success, especially since Colton liked it even better than I did.

And dinner was only twenty minutes late.

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