Worlds to Conquer

My time needs more time in it.

There are worlds to conquer out there, people! And I’m pretty sure that there are people out there not doing their part. So obviously, I need to personally make up for every one of those possibly thousands of people who are not paying attention to conquering said worlds.

This means I need to have the perfect day every day. I must get up on time, (with lots of energy–that will be important) wash *all* the dishes as they get dirty, keep the house spotless, cook three meals plus a couple for the freezer and maybe a dessert,  bake bread for a week, sew some clothes, reorganize a closet or two, read several chapters in an educational and thought provoking book and of course spend several hours praying for world issues. Naturally I would follow this up by writing a witty blog post, phoning friends and family for long chats, decorating for an evening party and rebrushing and styling my hair immediately before my husband walks in the door after work.

Aside from ending up with ridiculous amounts of bread, this daily schedule seems ideal.

Well, and the minor flaw that this is about three full days of work…

Aside from this, I’m convinced that this schedule would help me accomplish all my goals. The house would always be ready for anything, especially impromptu gatherings where people would have deep and worldchanging thoughts and fellowship. I would always have extra food around in case people happened to be around who needed food at mealtimes, or needed a meal sent to their house. I would have fascinating thoughts based on all my reading, and would not have to bore all my acquaintances with such trivial thoughts as the price of ground beef or all the meals you can make out of cabbage.

I would change the world through food and facilitating great conversation. It would be amazing.

Instead, today I baked bread, assembled burritos and put them in the freezer, divided a five pound bag of mozzerella into reasonable portions to freeze, picked, shredded and froze chicken, cleaned out my refrigerator, and got flour soaking for pancakes for breakfast tomorrow. Oh, and  I did cook three meals, if smoothie counts as ‘cooking’ for breakfast.

I washed some dishes, but there are more left on my counter, and I still haven’t folded my clean laundry from yesterday, or finished unpacking from our housesitting adventures last week. I read half a chapter of a novel that looks like it’s going to be fun and well written, but it hasn’t inspired any deep thoughts yet. I also researched options for a modest swimsuit that costs less that $100, but since I haven’t determined any good options yet, it didn’t feel that productive.

It would appear that I either need to petition God for more hours in my day, or resign myself to the fact that He’s the awesome one, not me, and He can save the world without me baking ridiculous quantities of bread. While the second option is somewhat humbling, it does sound less exhausting than the first one. I think I’ll go with it.




2 thoughts on “Worlds to Conquer

  1. merrianna says:

    I had done some research into modest swimsuits. There aren’t too many options under $100 that actually look nice. I should send you a couple links, though.

  2. Raquel Evans says:

    I’d be interested to see them. At this point I’m likely to cobble together something with a swim shirt, leggings and light skirt, but I’m not sure I can easily find the requisite pieces… So I’m very open to options.

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