Disorganized Thoughts on the Monday after Presbytery

1. I like canoeing. I also like archery (with a very light bow), playing pool and dodgeball. I really like paddle boats, because they feel like less work than anything else we did. Apparently I have the right muscles for it, unlike canoeing.

2. I really like getting to spend several days in row with my husband without that pesky ‘going to work’ concept getting in the way.

3. I’m not so fond of beds sized for anemic fifth graders, which have to be pushed together to fit two people, leaving an odd gap and ridge in the middle of the bed that is alleviated but not eliminated by shoving a blanket down in the crack.

4. I’m also not fond of midnight bathroom trips that involve getting up, dressing presentably, going outside, crossing a road, going into a different building and finding the bathroom.

5. Or being so tired from weird beds and lots of exercise that I crash halfway through vacationing.

6. My husband takes really good care of me.

7. Sunday afternoons are really good, especially when they contain three hour naps after exhausting vacations.

8. Monday mornings can be good, even after one crazy week and launching into another crazy week, as long as you got enough sleep and have a really good breakfast.

9. I really should not include large mugs of caffeinated coffee in a good breakfast. After mostly avoiding it because I’m so sensitive to caffeine, it would appear that I’m even more sensitive, and it makes me kind of jittery and sick feeling.

10. Despite the caffeine and a late start to my morning, laundry is done, there are significantly fewer dirty dishes than at the beginning of the day, and I have begin the process of getting the necessary paperwork to get tested for Lyme disease. I’m writing a blog post and am on track to make supper, go out to see the Avengers this evening, and catch up on the rest of my chores later this week without stressing about it. This makes for a pretty good day.

11. I’m tired again. Or possibly still.

12. It’s been a really good week.

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