A Surprisingly Relaxing Day

I thought it was going to be a full and kind of crazy week. Instead, today I ended up with a mostly open day and very little unpacking and catching up left to do. After spending most of last vacationing Colton-style (i.e. run around like crazy packing as much sports and other exercise as possible into your day), I took the afternoon off my style (i.e. lots of reading punctuated by the occasional game of Bejeweled Blitz).

I’m discovering, to my relief, that there are actually a few decent non-magic fantasy books out there. Though if anyone reading this wanted to write a non magic series in the style of Gail Carson Levine and Robin McKinley, they might just have my undying gratitude. Just saying.

I also discovered the J Wesley Bush created exactly the world that I wanted to set my Nanny stories in. I had never quite managed to pin down my setting beyond some vague ideas, and after one silly but fun short story and several false starts, the idea got lost in the maelstrom of my brain. I wonder if he would mind if I borrowed just an edge of his world for some stories of my own…

Someday I would like to actually finish a novel. I should probably resign myself to the fact that I’m really more of a poems and short (very, very short) stories kind of writer, who flits between ideas far too quickly to create deep and intricate worlds with layers of plot. I prefer the idea that someday I will find the one story that I’m meant to write and I can live in its world long enough to create hundreds of pages worth of magnum opus. When you come down to it though, I’d happily settle for an obscure collection of poetry with my name on it. I ¬†even started assembling one once, but I got bogged down in the layout.

On another day I will tackle issues of priorities and layout and time. For now I will take the remnant of my relaxing afternoon and return to my books.