Normally, Friday is baking day. But then, normally, Colton doesn’t suddenly come down with a fever on Tuesday evening and spend Wednesday home sick. Normally, I don’t spend Thursday resting to try not to come down with said fever and related sore throat. Also, normally, if I do spend a day trying not to get sick, it doesn’t work, so sometimes abnormal can be good.

Today started off with a simple plan: catch up on dishes that didn’t get done on my ‘day off’ yesterday, do any necessary baking and take the rest of the day easy.

Necessary baking… So, probably muffins and vegetable stock (since my freezer bag of vegetable peels is getting full) and bread…

“At least you don’t have to make bread,” Colton says. “Since we have bread in the freezer.”

Oh, right, good point.

The first question to settle was whether it was too late to start soaking pizza crust that I properly should have started the night before if I hadn’t been so busy being tired and not getting sick. I decided that ’12-24 hours soaking’ could reasonably be stretched to include ‘6 hours soaking’ and went for it.

I eased my way through the morning, catching up on dishes and other normal chores, and going back and forth on whether I was really going to avoid getting sick or not. I made homemade granola bars and discovered a recipe I must try.

About lunchtime it hit me how bad Colton’s sore throat is, went on a researching frenzy and came up with ice cream as a perfect solution.

When Colton starts to get sick, I usually give him a handful of vitamins and perhaps make a mental note to include antibacterial herbs and chicken stock in our next couple of meals. When he gets a fever is when the dilemma starts: sugar is bad for your immune system, but he won’t drink anything unless it’s sweet. Hydration eventually wins out, but I continue to make a token effort of offering him healthier sugars before refined sugar. (Homemade honey/lemon gatorade probably would have worked this time, if the lemon hadn’t hurt his throat.)

Apparently it only takes me a couple of days to decide that comfort food totally wins out over no-sugar, and I need to scrap my plans for the afternoon (such as they were) and go buy ice cream for my husband.

Between reaching this conclusion, walking up to the office for the car key (I have a perfectly good reason for not knowing where mine is, really), navigating the Forest Park hill and Peoria Heights speed bumps, calculating the cost per 1/4 gallon of different size cartons of ice cream (trust me it was easier than cost per ounce… or maybe my brain just works weirdly), not running over any elderly ladies on the way out of the parking lot, and renavigating the speed bumps and hill, I still had a good half of the afternoon left for crashing.


Except for the fact that several weeks ago I bought oranges on sale at Aldi. (Trust me, this really does work into the plot, just be patient. Pretend you’re reading The Count of Monte Cristo. Except shorter, and with more recipes.) Sale oranges at Aldi, while very cheap, are of unpredictable quality, and these turned out to be almost inedibly dry. I wanted to do something useful with them, though, and I didn’t want them to go bad before I finally got around to doing something.

So, I took this recipe for orange marmalade, and kind of followed it. 5 oranges quartered and thrown in the blender, 2 cups of honey and a tablespoon of pectin simmered for, oh, a few hours. I’m not sure I’d call it orange marmalade exactly, but it seems be a rather nice orange spread if you like that sort of thing.

While the orange marmalade was simmering I thought I should go ahead and start sauteeing some onions for a nice chicken white sauce pizza. And wash up the rest of the dishes. And see if last weeks milk was too far gone to make cheese from. And make a quite nice Chicken Onion Basil pizza (using the tiny bit of cheese I eked out of last week’s milk).

Somewhere in there my Friday turned back into a baking day, despite the twists and turns. I didn’t make muffins or vegetable stock, but I did keep food from going bad, which is one of my goals in life. And I bought ice cream for Colton, which is, if you think about it, another one of my goals in life…

So guess that means I didn’t flunk Friday. Which is good because redoing Friday multiple times before getting to the weekend would be…exhausting.