Do you ever have those days when you wish you would be diagnosed with some impressive (but easily curable) illness, so that instead of just being foggy headed and really tired *again*, you could be heroically carrying on with your normal life while battling an impressive illness? Or maybe that was just me…

Over the last few weeks I’ve gone from realizing the Lyme disease could explain some of my weird symptoms to discovering I had a lot of symptoms on the official Lyme symptoms list to trying to read the confusing test results to realizing that I have Lyme disease.

Unfortunately, Lyme doesn’t fit so well under that ‘easily curable’  category. It’s caused by small, spiral shaped bacteria that attack whatever they happen to come across (resulting in a wide range of possible symptoms), and are very good at hiding in unexpected nooks and crannies and surviving all kinds of treatments that really should kill them.

The good part is that now I know I am actually sick, and I can do something about it. I’m even looking forward to being on the GAPS diet and eating nothing but soup for a few weeks, just because it might make me feel better. I’m hoping to get my immune system into such good shape that it can track down every last Lyme bacteria and slit its throat before it knows what happened (so to speak…).

Because I really don’t want to keep being the person cancels events because of getting sick again. Or has to schedule my entire life around the expectation of being tired a lot. Or sits and watches everyone else play sports because playing would be too exhausting. I don’t want to be the person with a long list of cool projects that never get done because I might have to rest after twenty minutes of washing dishes.

I’m thinking maybe healthy and energetic would be a nice change. I think I’ll go for it.