Gaps Intro Diet, Day 1

I’m not normally a chilled soup sort of person, but after a hot, muggy day full of nice, steaming hot soups, I’m seriously considering becoming a connoisseur of chilled soups.

Yesterday, I started my day with some ginger tea with honey. It was the first time I’d made it with fresh ginger root, which was not a difficult experience, but did take a bit of tweaking. Then some fermented cod liver oil (technically stage 2 GAPS, but allowable since I’ve already been taking it so my stomach has adjusted) and my probiotic.

I pulled out my freezer bag of pre-prepped hamburger soup ingredients, removed the chicken from my crockpot of stock, put half the stock in a pot for carrot soup, and dropped the hamburger soup ingredients in the crockpot. After chopping some carrots and onions for the carrot soup, I left it to simmer and went to my merry way to do T Tapp (which I’m not accustomed to doing on an empty stomach, but made me think I might be able to adjust to this ‘exercise on an empty stomach concept).

I planned to let the carrot soup simmer until about ten, as (apparently) the body’s detox systems keep working until about ten in the morning if you don’t distract them by doing anything silly like, say, eating breakfast. At ten I found a warmish soup with still hard carrots and a cold burner. At this point you’re probably thinking that I forgot to turn on the burner, but no, that would be the simple boring explanation. In fact, the burner element had somehow become completely unplugged from the stove, rendering my mindfulness of setting the knob to ‘on’ completely useless.

To make a long story short, I didn’t eat anything but tea and a mug of chicken stock until noon, at which point pureed carrot soup was the most amazing food ever. 🙂 It even continued to taste good as I snacked on it through the afternoon, so I think that recipe is a keeper (though I’d cut back on either the ginger or the pepper, or maybe both, next time).

The whole day I felt about the same as when I’m fasting–that weird combination of feeling better than normal, but kind of crummy at the same time. I think between not eating until noon and all the ginger tea I drank, I kick-started the detox phase of GAPS pretty well, but the detox symptoms also stayed low key all day (mild headache, fatigue, etc).

Today I’m adding in garlic to one of the soups and upping my probiotic food (yogurt or sauerkraut juice) to two doses, but I’m sticking with one probiotic capsule for today. (Eventually I’m supposed to get to ten capsules a day, but going slowly helps keep the dead toxins from overwhelming the body’s detox system.)

Since GAPS includes a lot of good fats (yay for fats!), and I’m allowed honey in my tea, I think dealing with food cravings shouldn’t be too difficult. Of course, right now I’m still in the “Yay GAPS! I’m going to get all better isn’t that exciting!” phase of the diet. We’ll see how I feel about it after a week of soup and tea. 🙂


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