Gaps Intro Diet, Day 2

Today I ate onion soup and chicken vegetable soup and decided that cheese will probably top my list of food I’ll miss on the GAPS diet. My body has clearly gotten the message that it’s time to get rid of toxins (yay!), because I had cold symptoms most of the day (boo!).

Adding garlic and another dose of probiotics in my food seemed to go well, but I’m keeping all my probiotic doses the same tomorrow, so I don’t increase die-off symptoms while we’re supposed to be at a Fourth of July cookout.

In case you’re wondering what one eats at a Fourth of July cookout/potluck when on stage one of GAPS…so was I… It finally occurred to me that a cold soup would work rather nicely. I came up with a carroty borscht, which I think works rather well, but I will not be remotely offended if everyone not currently on a soup restricted diet decides to pass on it. 🙂

Colton came home from work a few hours early, and washed dishes and put together the borscht for me (yay!) so I got to take it easy today and put all my energy toward killing toxins (yay!).

I’m considering adding a bit of coconut oil to my food tomorrow, especially as high fat content is recommended, but the only allowed fats I have at the moment are the animal fats in the stock. Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll get to make some ghee and start slowly adding that into my diet.


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