GAPS Intro Diet, Day 3

This week is kind of like two mini-weeks stuck together as functionally our week goes Sunday, Monday, Friday, Saturday, Monday, Friday, Saturday. Not as good as a four day weekend, but still pretty good.

This morning we took slow, like a good Saturday morning should be (even when Saturday happens to fall on a Wednesday). For breakfast, I put a spoonful of tomato paste in the leftover hamburger soup, added a spoonful of coconut oil, and enjoyed it immensely.

We spent the afternoon at our church Fourth of July get-together, and were very glad I was feeling well enough to go, because it’s one of the highlight events of the year. Colton played tons of volleyball and frisbee and kickball, and I sat in the shade and talked about the GAPS diet to people who weren’t yet tired of hearing about it.  🙂

Thankfully, none of the food around was tempting except in a slight ‘something to munch on’ sort of way, and I was perfectly happy with my iced ginger tea and faux borscht. (Am I allowed to admit to being pleased with my ability to navigate a summer cookout/potluck on day three of GAPS?)

Between the heat and some lingering lightheadedness and tiredness from detox we had to leave a little early so I could get home and crash, but it was a very nice day overall.

Tomorrow I’m planning to eat leftover soups all day, because after three days on the GAPS diet I have four different kinds of soup in the fridge and one more in the freezer. Which makes it a great day to increase my probiotic capsules dose to two and endure more die off and detox, right? Well, it’s a plan, anyway. I’m also planning to make ghee and start using it tomorrow. And since ghee is a stage two food I guess that officially means I’m moving out of stage one of the intro diet!