GAPS Intro Diet, Day 4

Today has been the most miserable day of GAPS so far. If I woke up feeling like this on any non-GAPS day I probably would have declared I was sick and stayed in bed for most of the day without too much of a second thought. Seeing as how it’s day 4 of GAPS, I’m behind on laundry and dishes (despite using disposable dishes as much as possible), had food projects for today, and don’t know how long it will be until I’m actually feeling better, it took a little more convincing. (I must have looked as tired as I felt, because Colton promptly decided I should be convinced to take the day off.)

I almost wimped out of upping my probiotic dose this morning, but after some ginger tea and a detox bath I was feeling  just enough better that I thought I might just as well get on with getting this die-off out of the way.

I did still do my menu planning for the next two weeks, and I’m really hoping I feel enough better to do my grocery shopping tomorrow… I managed to come up with two weeks worth of GAPS stage 1 and 2 meals that sounded edible, but it was getting difficult to come up with ideas for the last few meals. Though, the way I’m feeling today, there’s not much food in general that actually sounds appealing, so that might have something to do with it.

So far today (as of 4:30 PM) all I’ve eaten is two bowls of leftover hamburger soup (with tomato paste and coconut oil added) and I am NOT hungry. On a slightly related note, I’m surprised how little extra food I’m needing with no carbs to go with my meat and veggies. The only day I had to snack more than once was when I ate a meatless soup for the whole first part of the day.

Since I’m not feeling that great, making ghee will have to wait for another day–hopefully just until tomorrow. I think tomorrow I’ll also try making a squash and zucchini casserole with my broth on the side (also a stage 2 change). I’m not yet getting tired of soup, as such, but more food options in general does sound a like a good thing.


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