GAPS Intro Diet, Day 5

Yesterday evening I was getting fed up with food. I ate my ‘ration’ of yogurt for the day in a bowl with honey instead of in my soup as it was intended, and it tasted really good, but I couldn’t really eat any more of it without upping my probiotic intake too much. (As it was, I discovered that I shouldn’t have upped my probiotic capsule until after the initial die off symptoms had ended.) Finally, I sauteed a small yellow squash in some coconut oil, very gently so it didn’t scorch or even brown, but thoroughly so it was well cooked. I added salt, pepper and minced garlic, and it was sooo good.

I really should have started transitioning the the second stage by now anyway, but I’m running into some minor roadblocks.

I’m not adding eggs yet, because I have a history of egg allergy, so it will presumably take longer before I’m ready for them.

I’m not adding ghee yet because I ran into snags making it before I started GAPS (Sam’s Club puts msg in their unsalted butter), haven’t really had energy since I started GAPS, and anyway, every time I consider using salted butter as a stopgap, I keep thinking I’m about to go out to buy unsalted butter soon anyway, but then am too tired to go grocery shopping. (Colton is going out with me tomorrow so I can do at least part of my grocery shopping, so I’ll definitely be able to get it tomorrow.)

I’m not adding fresh herbs yet, because, well, I haven’t gone grocery shopping yet.

The only other thing that gets added in stage 2 is getting to eat stews and casseroles instead of just soup. For the sake of my sanity I really should have done this today, but I have such large quantities of leftover soup in the fridge I thought it would be smarter and more practical to keep eating it. I think I’m kind of afraid that if I stop, I’ll never want to go back to it…

I’m getting tired of soup.

The only new food I added today is a splash of lemon juice (along with a dash of salt) in my iced ginger tea to help with electrolytes, since I suspect that despite drinking a lot of water, I was starting to get dehydrated.

On the bright side, I am generally feeling a lot better than yesterday, just very tired. I’m really looking forward to getting to buy more food tomorrow. And I don’t care if it’s practical or not–tomorrow I am definitely making a meal that is not soup.


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