GAPS Intro Diet, Day 6

Today was a much better day that yesterday. Just the fact that it’s Saturday and I got to be with Colton all day helped with that, but it was better foodwise too.

Colton took me grocery shopping, and even picked up stuff from my Aldi list while I shopped at Kroger to speed things up, even though grocery shopping is somewhere well below cleaning the bathtub on his list of fun things to do. I bought fresh rosemary, oregano and tarragon at Kroger, which I think will help a lot with my enjoyment of GAPS diet food.

Apparently msg in unsalted butter is a common thing, because not just the Kroger brand that was on sale, but nearly ALL the unsalted butter had ‘natural flavors’ added. The only exception was an organic brand, which would probably be better for me anyway, but I wasn’t prepared to pay $5 a pound so… I’ll be making my ghee with salted butter, which from what I’ve read online is an acceptable second choice for ghee making.

For supper I browned up some ground beef and then cooked some mushroom, onion and tiny zucchini slices in the copious amounts of fat from the beef. With some garlic and rosemary it was amazingly good. One of our standard ‘little cooking required’ Saturday meals is ground beef with pasta or fried potato, so it was especially good to have something that felt close to a normal fun meal.

I’m still on one probiotic capsule, and still feeling the after-effects of the die-off, so I’ll probably stay at that dose for a couple more days and then increase by 1/4 of a capsule at a time. I’ve only been doing okay at remembering to add my probiotic food to meals, but I’m at least getting some every day. I thought I was going to really like getting to add yogurt to soups to creamify them, but I may move toward eating my yogurt separately with with a little honey. That seems to be within reason, even if it’s not strictly ‘allowed’, and I think I would enjoy it a lot more.

I have reasonable hopes that the second week on GAPS will be easier than the first. It will be interesting to see how Sunday goes with GAPS…


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