GAPS Intro Diet Days 7&8 & Beef Onion Mushroom Stew

It was a bit interesting navigating a Sunday on GAPS diet, but I think it ended up working well. I made a soup that I was pretty sure no one else would want, but that turned out to be fairly popular (recipe-ish to follow). I warmed up soup and ate it in the car on the way to church, which was still a bit earlier than the recommended 10 o’ clock breakfast, but seemed to work out fine both logistically and digestively.

In case anyone was wondering, I decided that communion bread doesn’t count as a grain for purposes of the diet, and that didn’t seem to bother my stomach at all either.

Both yesterday and today have still been tired and low energy days, but otherwise I’m feeling much better. Aside from lack of energy, I even feel like it’s bit easier to move around than it was before I started GAPS–I suspect I had some general inflammation that’s starting to clear up, but I don’t have any particular evidence to support the theory. (My constant muscle soreness doesn’t seem to improved yet–not sure if that plays into the inflammation theory or not.)

Last night I seemed to have a cough coming on. That made me a little nervous because my last memorable cough turned into bronchitis that kept me sick for a month and put me on antibiotics, which would be rather counterproductive right now. Thankfully, a good dose of RC oil on my chest seems to have cleared up the cough almost completely.

Today I finished off the large batch of hamburger soup I made at the beginning of the diet. This felt like a bit of an accomplishment, and also cleared up some much needed space in the refrigerator.

Supper tonight is broccoli soup (adding cheddar to Colton’s soup, and serving his in a bread bowl we had in the freezer, since that sort of thing makes the frequent soup a lot more bearable for him).

I’ve continued having my yogurt on the side, instead of mixed in to my soup, but I’m making a point to have a little bit with each meal instead of all at once. I’m up to two spoonfuls of yogurt with each meal or snack. I’m still on one probiotic capsule, but I may increase that one and a quarter capsules tomorrow if all seems well.

I still had to take it somewhat easy today, but it was really good to have enough energy to start to catch up everything I didn’t get done last week. I’m so glad we stock up on disposable dishes before I started that GAPS diet. Even with that, and Colton pitching in on washing pots and pans and ladles (I never even noticed before starting GAPS that we only own two ladles…), there’s a respectable pile of dirty dishes to be caught up on.

I’m also attempting to make ghee today—it’s still in the oven, so I’ll have to let you all know tomorrow how it turned out.


Beef Onion Mushroom Stew (as close as I can remember it…)

2 pounds ground beef

8-10 cups chicken stock

2-3 onions, chopped

8 oz mushrooms, sliced

2-3 baby yellow squash, sliced

4-5 baby zucchini, sliced

6 cloves garlic, minced

1 tsp fresh rosemary, minced

salt and pepper to taste


Brown the ground beef. Make stew. (Really, it’s pretty self explanatory, isn’t it?)


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