GAPS Intro Diet, Day 9

Today turned out to be a good day again, though it probably wouldn’t have been except for a long morning nap. 🙂 I was low energy again, but feeling good enough to get the laundry folded and put away and tidy up the bedroom, which makes me feel a little better. I also finally got my cellphone charged, checked my messages, called Dr. Knight’s office back and made my first appointment for the end of the month. (Yay!)

I increased my probiotic dose to 1 1/4 capsules this morning, and haven’t noticed any particular die-off effects. I’m thinking increasing by 1/4 capsule at a time is going to be much more pleasant. Also, from my reading today, I think when I get up to two or more capsules, I’m going to spread them out to two or three times a day, as that apparently helps spread out the die-off effect and makes it more bearable.

Yesterday I made ghee, which I think would work better with a better (finer mesh) strainer, but seems acceptable for the purposes. I introduced a little bit of ghee last night, and increased it by some amount at supper tonight.

I’ve gotten to point in GAPS were there’s some amount of fun experimenting with new foods and cooking methods, which I find exciting. I’d just been doing some fun experiments with soaking grains before I started GAPS, so I’m glad to just be able to redirect my cooking adventurousness.

Tonight for supper I started with onion ‘gravy‘. I used a bit more stock than I meant to, because I’d forgotten to defrost it so I was stuck with a whole quart, melting in the pot as I added other ingredients. Four onions in a quart of stock made a thin gravy, but still a gravy like substance, so I think it’s definitely worth trying again.

Then I took slices of pork butt (98 cents a pound last week at shop n’ save; also, interestingly enough, taken from the pig’s *shoulder*), put them in 9×13 pan, topped them with slices of mushroom, onion and green pepper, poured the onion gravy over the whole thing and cooked it at 350 for about 45 minutes.

I also made ghee braised kohlrabi, using leftover onion gravy in place of the chicken stock. I’d never had kohlrabi before, but it was at least a fun experiment, and I think something I’d eat again even once I’m off GAPS. It had a texture oddly between a potato and an onion, and I can’t wait until I can roast vegetables (stage 4 of the intro diet) because I bet it would be amazing roasted.

Overall, it felt more like a real meal than anything I’ve eaten in the past week, *and* it was fun to cook. I’m considering scrapping my meal plan for tomorrow and instead making a kohlrabi pureed soup along the lines of a faux mashed potato soup…

Since adding ghee seems to be going well, I may move on to stage 3 by the end of the week, and add sauerkraut to my diet (so far I’ve only had spoonfuls of the sauerkraut juice). And if I get to stage 3 before my next shopping trip, I may just have to make a special trip out for avocados. Mmm, avocados…


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