GAPS Intro Diet Days 12 & 13

Yesterday I increased the amount of sauerkraut I ate, and was able to eat out to celebrate Colton’s parents’ anniversary with a special order meal that far, far eclipsed the introduction of sauerkraut as the most exciting food I’d eaten recently.

Yesterday morning I also got blood work done preparatory to an appointment with the local doctor I found who works with Lyme. I won’t actually see the doctor until the end of the month after the results come back, but it’s really good to be moving forward with that.

Today I increased my probiotic capsule dose to 1 1/2 capsules, and still haven’t noticed any bad effects from increasing the dose. I did try to do a double dose of yogurt at supper to make up for missing my probiotic foods at lunch, and my stomach didn’t take to that too well, but the complaining seems to have been short lived.

Yesterday afternoon I made a casserole of sorts, layering zucchini, onion and tomato and seasoning well with garlic, tarragon, salt and pepper. I smeared ghee on the bottom of the casserole dish, though next time I’d probably melt it and pour it over the top with the chicken broth. It turned out well, and for breakfast this morning I had some of the leftover vegetables over chicken breast, topped with homemade sauerkraut. The result was quite good, and I thought, rather elegant.

This afternoon I had to navigate yet another cookout on GAPS, but once again survived, thanks this time to my mother- and sister-in-law conspiring to make some really good GAPS friendly ratatouille. (I’ve said this repeatedly, though possibly not in public, but I really like my husband’s family.)

This evening I relished introducing avocado, and am much looking forward to increasing beyond one spoonful of avocado, and to introducing ‘pancakes’ made of squash and organic sunflower seed butter. Food was once again feeling difficult, as I kept thinking of foods I can’t eat that sound *really* good right now.

But I really enjoyed my yogurt, and tomorrow I get two spoonfuls of avocado, and if things keep going so smoothly I could be past the intro diet in less than two months–the upshot of all that being that I think I can do this. I’m already feeling an increase in energy (though still combined with some tiredness…kind of hard to explain) and am thrilled with the idea that I could feel better as a result of all this.


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