GAPS Intro Diet, Day 15

(Yes, I’m skipping day 14–I just don’t really feel like ‘catching up’ and nothing important changed. Except the sauerkraut, but I’ll cover that in this post anyway. 🙂 )

Yesterday morning I discovered white stuff on top of my sauerkraut. After some research I determined that it’s probably a non-harmful yeast that should be removed for flavor reasons, and the sauerkraut will still be edible. Since I haven’t felt like dealing with it yet, I’ve been using yogurt for my food probiotic and made beet kvass and fermented ginger carrots which should be ready by Thursday, just in case I *still* haven’t dealt with the sauerkraut. 🙂

I also, taking my life in my hands, made a garlic rosemary olive oil infusion for when I get to introduce olive oil in stage four. Apparently, anything with any water content (such as fresh herbs and garlic) inside oil is the perfect environment for growing botulism. After some research I squeezed some lemon juice over the garlic and rosemary (botulism doesn’t grow so well in acid, I hear) before adding the oil, made only one cup of infused oil so I can use it up in a reasonable amount of time, and am storing it in the fridge. Hopefully these precautions are sufficient, because I really think I’ll better enjoy drizzling olive oil over my food if it tastes like garlic. Mmm, garlic…

For supper today I took stewed chicken legs and wings and stewed them some more in a lemon rosemary garlic chicken stock sauce based loosely on the sauces here. I also made a GAPS modified version of whipped cauliflower (no parmesan cheese, but a nice big dollop of ghee) which was surprisingly similar to mashed potatoes. Even Colton said the meal was really good, and he hasn’t been on a restricted diet the last two weeks. 🙂 That’s one thing I have to say about GAPS–the food may be limited in kind, but what there is can be really, really good food.

Today I upped my probiotic capsule to 1 3/4 capsules. Also, I haven’t been mentioning it, but I’m continuing to take a spoonful of fermented cod liver oil every morning. Once again, I felt more energetic than I have recently, but still got tired quickly. I managed to get laundry done (which takes rather a lot of energy) and some dishes, so I’m in good shape to finish up my Monday chores tomorrow… assuming I continue feeling well.

I have sunflower seeds soaking so that tomorrow I can dehydrate them, make sunflower seed butter,  mix it with cooked squash, and make something not entirely unlike a pancake. Said pancake, according to the GAPS lady, is to be eaten with honey and lots of ghee. I am really looking forward to this.

I’m also looking forward to trying to make a GAPS version of fermented ketchup tomorrow (I’ll be using using fresh garlic and grated onion and leaving out the dried spices).

Overall, the diet is going well right now. I still have occasional mild soreness in my stomach (wondering if this is as simple as gas pains), but still no other symptoms at all of intestinal distress. As much I keep remembering foods that I’d really like to eat again, I’m wondering I’d rather just stay on GAPS for a while after I finish the intro diet. If just two weeks makes a noticeable difference in how I feel, how much difference could it make if I stayed on it longer term?


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