GAPS Intro Diet, Day 16

Wow, I’ve been on GAPS for over two weeks now.

Today was a tired day again, but at least I was able to get some necessary things done like cleaning the white stuff of the top of my sauerkraut and dehydrating my sunflower seeds before they soaked so long they got gross and slimy.

Last night two little compartments in my brain collided just long enough for me to realize what was causing my sore stomach. Yogurt on the GAPS diet is supposed to be fermented/cultured for 24 hours, so all the lactose is predigested for you. I’d either forgotten or hadn’t read that part when making my yogurt, and I hadn’t left it out nearly that long. After leaving my yogurt out overnight and part of the morning, no more sore stomach!

I find this encouraging on several counts. First, I identified the problem and it was an easy fix without having to cut out any foods. Second, it worries me when things are going too well. 🙂 Having stomach pains from lactose means the diet is doing something, my stomach is in a healing stage, and it needed this diet to start with.

For supper tonight the plan was pork steak (same stuff that was on sale at Shop n’ Save a couple weeks ago) stewed in a casserole dish with beets, carrots, onions, mushrooms and garlic and some ghee thrown in for good measure. The veggies didn’t cook as well as I expected this way, so I ended up throwing everything in a skillet to cook on the stove, and it all worked out fine, just an hour or so late. 😛 Regardless of the timing, it was another really good GAPS meal, and I definitely don’t miss grains and starches when I’m eating a meal like that.

Also, I had my meat with (newly dewhitestuffified) sauerkraut, as this combination is particularly recommended for good digestion. I was surprised how much I really enjoyed the sauerkraut in that context, as I’ve generally had a lukewarm reaction to sauerkraut, both on this diet and previously (unless it was in a Rueben sandwich). Colton even tried it after I commented on this, and he said, unlike his previous sauerkraut experiences, it wasn’t completely bad. I’m looking forward to trying my other fermented veggies in a couple days…

My most exciting food development today was eating a squash and sunbutter pancake. The sunbutter was hard to make in the blender, but finally after lots of stopping and starting and adding of ghee and coconut oil, I ended up with a mixture that looked disturbingly like tuna, and seemed to qualify as sunbutter. I mixed it with equal parts cooked squash and dash of salt, spread it out thin on a greased cookie sheet and cooked it at 300 for maybe twenty minutes.

The edges got a bit brown so I cut those off, and then *slathered* my thin little pancake with lots of ghee and a reasonable amount of honey. It was amazing! Okay, I’ll admit it only somewhat resembled a real pancake, but it was closer to pancake than you would expect from either description or appearance. And, most importantly, it acted as soft yet cohesive and relatively bland carrier for the ghee and honey. I repeat, it was amazing!

As I understand it, the nut (or in this case, sunflower seed) stage commonly gives people trouble at first, so I’m trying not to assume that I get to eat these regularly, but I am at least hopeful this will be the case.

Tomorrow I will probably hold my probiotic dose at 1 3/4 capsules. I considered increasing since I haven’t had any dramatic die off symptoms, but in case the tiredness today was related to the probiotic, it seems safer to wait a couple more days. And, if all goes well, tomorrow I will eat *two* sunbutter pancakes.

Life is good. 🙂