GAPS Intro Diet, Day 17

Yesterday for breakfast I had some avocado, yogurt and honey, and a sunbutter ‘pancake’ drenched in ghee and honey. I’m now so used to reheating soup for breakfast that it felt strange to eat a ‘normal’ (ish) breakfast again.

If I keep on at my current rate of progress I’ll be done with the intro diet near the beginning of August. At that point I’ll probably start introducing eggs and see how that goes. Maybe in just a few weeks I can add scrambled eggs to my breakfast┬árepertoire!

I’ve now added all the Stage 3 foods (barring egg foods, of course) to my diet, and will be moving on to Stage 4 in the next day or so unless I have sudden setback.

At lunch yesterday Colton voluntarily ate more homemade sauerkraut. Today we may try the beet kvass and ginger carrots I made a couple days ago. I’m very curious both what they taste like and whether Colton will like them or not… After all my GAPS reading I’m fairly convinced that a healthy person should be able to eat just about whatever they want (including really junky foods) as long as they eat healthy most of the time and get plenty of probiotics. Therefore, I feel better about feeding Colton the occasional storebought convenience food while I’m focusing on the GAPS diet if he’s also eating some good probiotics with me. ­čÖé

Yesterday evening I threw together an onion casserole to take to a pizza-and-apple-pie birthday party. It consisted of sliced onion, salted and peppered, topped with a mixture of ground beef, tomato paste, chicken broth, fresh oregano, fresh rosemary, garlic and salt. I wish I’d cooked it a bit longer so the onions had a chance to get fully soft, but it was pretty good, and I was even told by non-GAPS eaters that it was good.

It’s kind of odd sensation to be surrounded by pizza and apple pie right now. It seems that I want it just out of habit, and though I know it would taste good, it’s not hard to mostly shut off the part of my brain that even notices that other people are eating different food. I’m looking forward to being able to enjoy splurging on fun, less healthy food again, but for right now it’s more tedious than excruciating to avoid it.