GAPS Intro Diet, Days 18 & 19

Yesterday I had *two* squash and sunbutter pancakes for breakfast, and they were still amazing. The rest of the day I mostly just cleaned out leftovers instead of cooking new food, though I took advantage of my new avocado stash from going grocery shopping. I introduced a tiny drizzle of garlic rosemary olive oil over the avocado (stage 4, yay!). I didn’t remember to continue including the olive oil in every meal today, but I think that may be just as well to take it slow, as the olive oil (even in tiny amounts) seemed to be causing minor twinges in my gallbladder. I’m guessing that’s not a bad thing, as olive oil is included in gallbladder cleanses, but definitely something I want to be careful about.

I was pretty tired after grocery shopping yesterday, and signaled the beginning of another detox stage by hitting tired *and* emotional by bedtime. Sure enough, I woke up in the middle of the night with a sore throat (I put some RC oil on it and went back to sleep) and in the morning had headache and slight congestion and was still really tired.

Colton somehow managed to rearrange our entire weekend plans so I didn’t feel so overwhelmed by what needed to be done, which made it a lot easier to just crash and rest this morning.

For lunch today I used up some of those greens that come on the weird vegetables I’ve been buying lately: I cooked up ground beef with kohlrabi greens, some beet greens and a touch of radish greens (and, of course, garlic). It was surprisingly good (and quite pleasantly greasy–one of the good sides of GAPS).

I’m still at one and three quarter capsules of probiotic, and both yesterday and today I split the dose, taking one capsule with breakfast about ten, and the partial capsule at lunch. It’s hard to say if it’s easing the detox symptoms (I don’t really feel like experimenting), but at least I’m not feeling as bad as during the first detox cycle.

Oh, and our report on the ginger carrots and beet kvass… Well, the beets were pretty bland. Maybe more salt would help, but it might just make them bland and salty, we’ll have to see. After the beets, our reaction to the ginger carrots was pretty much summed up in the words of that great philosopher, “Do not eat the pistachio ice cream–it has TURNED!” On further reflection, it’s not bad, just somewhat intense, and I could see using it in place of relish.

For supper today sauteed onions until they were very soft, then cooked hamburgers in the onions and bit of chicken broth. The chicken broth did mostly boil away by the time they finished cooking, so that may technically be my introduction of roasted/browned food for stage 4… I ate my hamburger with the sauteed onions, lacto fermented ketchup (good, but recipe needs tweaking), ginger carrots and some guacamole like mixture. It was very good, made for a colorful plate, and in my opinion, made Colton’s hamburger bun, storebought ketchup and mayo look rather boring.

And this evening if I need a snack I can make squash pancakes and have some ginger tea… I have to say, odd as it may sound, food is *good* at this stage of GAPS. 🙂