GAPS Intro Diet, Days 20, 21 & 22

I started feeling a little bit better over the weekend, but I still skipped blogging, and really, just about everything else I could to try to rest up.

Saturday for breakfast I made crepes for Colton and sunbutter pancakes for me, so we got to a Saturday pancake breakfast again. Yay! (Saturday we also saw The Dark Knight Rises. I will give no spoilers except to say that it really is that good.)

Sunday I gave into the ‘coffee sure sounds good’ urge (which is to say Colton knows me really well and made coffee for me) and had a travel mug full of coffee with honey in it. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the coffee without milk, as I’ve previously been die hard about milk going in all hot beverages. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure the coffee bothered my stomach, because it was sore by the end of the day, and it really doesn’t seem like either the lightly roasted veggies in my soup or the lack of probiotic foods in a couple of meals should have caused that reaction. It may just be from having a whole big mug of coffee instead of building up slowly, but either way, I’ll go back to avoiding coffee for now.

Today I got up to start Colton’s breakfast and see him off to work, and then went back to bed for a total of twelve hours sleep between last night and this morning. (I deliberately rearranged my schedule when I started GAPS so that my chores are in the afternoon and mornings are mostly rest time.) Between the extra sleep and the restful weekend I’m starting to feel normal again. I was able to do a portion of my normal chores and food work today… Laundry is clean (but not folded yet), some of the dirty dishes are washed, sauerkraut safely stashed in the fridge (and crock washed for a new batch), a new batch of yogurt started, a new batch of ghee made, Colton’s hair is cut, and most importantly, everything is ready for Colton’s birthday tomorrow. Obviously, there’s always more to do, but it was a productive day for how I’ve been feeling lately.

To celebrate adding roasted foods to my diet I roasted a whole chicken in the crockpot. I rubbed it with salt, pepper, rosemary and lemon peel, then quartered the lemon and stuffed it inside the chicken. Paired with sauteed garlic green beans and onions it was really good…

I’m still on a one and three-quarter capsule dose of probiotics, but I may increase my dose to two capsules tomorrow. I’ve already been splitting the dose between two meals the last couple of days, and will definitely continue that habit as I increase. I’m starting to have trouble remembering everything that’s supposed to go into a meal (chicken stock, probiotic food and olive oil are to included at every meal now) and I haven’t been getting my stock with every meal. The olive oil seems to be going fine, and I’m up to a spoonful with (almost) every meal now.

I think I’m going to buy (weird, I know) some squash or zucchini soon so I can continue with my pancakes and begin making ‘bread’ (nut flour, squash and ghee) for stage 4. I’m also planning to start juicing this week. I start with carrot juice, and I’ve heard varying reports on the taste, so I’m kind of curious to try it for myself…

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