GAPS Intro Diet, Days 23 & 24

Yesterday was Colton’s birthday, which probably deserves it’s own blog post, but may or may not get it. I increased my probiotic to two capsules, but split them between lunch and supper, so I didn’t get much, if any, die off effect. Also, we went frisbee golfing which was fun, and judging by how sore I am today, very good exercise.

In the evening I tried making and eating some GAPS bread (made from the same ingredients as the pancakes–squash and sunflower seed butter–but with the addition of a bit of ghee). It wasn’t bad, but it never quite seemed to get a bread like consistency, and was not particularly exciting.

My stomach did feel heavy and uncomfortable after eating the bread, but I suspect that has more to do with also eating pancakes immediately after the bread, than an actual bad reaction to the bread.

Today I have been super sore from frisbee, to the extent where it’s hard to move around and do anything. However, after my now usual morning nap, I had enough energy to *start* to catch up on all the tasks I’ve been behind on. Plus, Moriah and Toby came over this afternoon and washed a ton of dishes and husked some corn (because I thought, hey, I can’t get my normal chores done, I should buy a bushel of corn to process since it’s cheap!) which was a huge help. Now my fridge is more or less cleaned out, and the pyrex containers are washed, my next batch of sunflower seeds has been soaked and dehydrated, I made the last of our milk into cheese before it went bad and completed my co-op order for this month. Now I just need to fold laundry, finish washing the dishes, clean the bathroom, tidy and vacuum the rest of the house, process the other 2/3 bushel of corn, plan a few birthday presents and finish knitting a square for a blanket for Ron Paul (yeah…) and I think I’ll be all caught up on my necessary projects.

For supper today I made a mixture of sauteed (in ghee) radishes, onion and garlic with strips of pork steak. This was supplemented with bread and butter for non-GAPS eaters, and I ate mine with olive oil (I’m up to two spoonfuls with most meals–I still don’t remember to eat it with every meal) and sauerkraut (I’m up to roughly a third to a half a cup of probiotic food per meal). It was quite enjoyable, even though I don’t normally like radishes, so I think the  theory holds true that sauteeing anything in butter with garlic makes it good.

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