GAPS Intro Diet, Day 25

Last night I discovered that GAPS bread is actually good with a little bit of honey, which brings out the nutty flavor. Still just ‘nice’ and not amazing like some of the meat and vegetables sauteed in ghee meals we’ve had… 🙂 Though, I am looking forward to using the bread recipe as a base for baking some sweet things when I get to that stage.

I’m ready to start juicing as soon as I can work out the practical details of borrowing the juicer. Juicing is the last step in Stage 4! I’m really looking forward to Stage 5 and getting to eat cooked apples. I miss fruit.

For supper today I sauteed three onions, a handful of radish greens, garlic and half a tomato in some ghee with about a pound of ground beef. Once again, it was a winner of a recipe that even Colton thought was really good.

Oddly, I’ve accidentally been moving toward two meals a day instead of three. I’m not supposed to eat breakfast until ten, and depending on the morning I end up eating around 10:30 and not being hungry for lunch, or napping until eleven and just waiting until lunchtime to eat. Occasionally I’ll need a snack (half an avocado usually does it) in the afternoon, but sometimes I don’t even need that.

I remembered to take my fermented cod liver oil this morning (it’s about time I remembered again…), and got the leftover roast chicken carcasse in the crockpot for making stock, so I got (most of) my stock for the day in too. I’m at about a tablespoon of olive oil over every meal, which seems to be as much or more than my food can absorb, so I think I’ll stop there instead of increasing to the upper limit of two tablespoons. I’m continuing my probiotic foods with every meal, rotating through my various options as I get bored with one. (The beet kvass juice had a much more intense flavor today, very sour, so perhaps it was only bland because we tried it too early.) My dose of two probiotic capsules seems to be fine (perhaps minor detox symptoms and tiredness, but no more than I’ve had anyway). Perhaps splitting the dose makes the increase easier. Regardless, I’m going to bump it up to 2 1/4 capsules tomorrow and see how that goes…

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