GAPS Intro Diet, Day 29

Over four weeks on the GAPS diet, approaching a full month, and I think it’s been a good thing. Tomorrow morning I meet with Dr Knight for the first time–I’m hoping she also approves the GAPS diet as (some part of) a good treatment plan. 🙂

This morning was an exhausted morning again. I got up, fixed Colton breakfast, drank my four carrots worth of juice and some leftover ginger tea (that got really strong sitting in the fridge) while he ate, and then I went back to bed. I slept through my breakfast time, so I didn’t eat until lunch. I ate leftover chicken and pea soup that had been in the crockpot too long, but was just fine thinned down with some water. Yes, I also had my requisite olive oil and sauerkraut. And I need to make more sauerkraut soon.

This afternoon I managed to do laundry and wash most of the dishes using the 15 minute timer system–go down and take care of laundry, rest 15 minutes, wash dishes 15 minutes, rest 15 minutes, repeat. And during the rest times, I even managed to catch up on some e-mail and computer tasks.

I had a brief round of stomach pains this afternoon (three brief but noticeable stabs of pain within a two minute time period), but not obviously connected to anything I ate, in fact, shortly after realizing I was hungry and forgetting to do anything about it, so unless it’s repeated I’m assuming it was some random thing and not food related.

For supper we had pork steaks (why, yes , I did stock up when they were on sale–don’t I always?). I tried marinated them in lemon juice, garlic and ghee, which worked okay… I kind of forgot the substituting ghee for olive oil meant half the marinade would be solid at refrigerator temperatures. Fortunately, the flavor was still excellent, and paired well with yet more green beans sauteed with onions and garlic, and homemade sauerkraut. I’m even starting to get used to having olive oil poured over everything I eat…

Tomorrow I increase my probiotic dose to 2 1/2 capsules, drink the juice of six carrots, and introduce stewed apples.


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