GAPS Intro Diet, Days 26, 27 & 28

Friday at lunch I was running short of leftovers, so I made a redux of the onion, radish green, tomato dish, but with chicken instead of beef. For supper we were attending a get-together and I knew there would be safe meat there, so I brought green beans sauteed with onions and garlic (this may sound familiar to those of you who are regularly following posts–so, yes, it was good enough to repeat). 🙂 I also took homemade sauerkraut, which even a few non-GAPS people ate (always a good sign). And I took bread, but I didn’t eat any of that…

Friday afternoon I had more energy than I’ve had lately, and managed to catch up on all the tidying up I’ve been skipping while I was tired. (Yay!)

I increased my probiotic dose to 2 1/4 capsules–one capsule in the morning, one and quarter more at lunch.

Saturday (while Colton washed *all* the dirty dishes for me) I made more ghee, cooked up some potatoes that had been sitting around to make mashed potatoes for Colton before they went bad (Colton obligingly turned the cooked potatoes into mashed potatoes, since I couldn’t taste them to season them properly), and (*drum roll*) finally made carrot juice!

I really enjoyed the carrot juice, and would gladly drink a whole glass if I weren’t restricted to starting with a few spoonfuls. It was sweet and yummy and first raw vegetable other than avocado (and sauerkraut, which doesn’t really count, taste-wise) I’ve had in a month. I decided the simplest way to increase the juice at this point is by carrot rather than by amount of juice. Saturday I juiced one and half carrots, Sunday I juiced two, and will increase by one or two carrots a day from there.

Though I really enjoyed the flavor, I can see why they say to start slow, as I think just those few spoonfuls of juice kicked into a bit of detox again (slight headache, more tired, and just kind of feeling weird in a way I couldn’t quite define).

Saturday for supper we did hamburgers with sauteed onions again (in case you haven’t noticed, I tend to splurge a bit on Saturday meals–or just eat leftovers 🙂 ). Once, again, hamburger with sauteed onions, lacto fermented ketchup and ginger carrots–double thumbs up.

Sunday breakfast was a bit difficult as we were running short on leftovers, and I’ve generally been eating in the car on the way to church so as not to break the ‘no food until ten’ rule as badly. I ended up with a mishmash of yogurt with coconut oil and honey, leftover squash pancakes with ghee and honey, and avocado with olive oil. In the process of trying to find enough food I ended up with more food than I could eat, but I suppose that’s a better problem to have. 🙂

I also had just a little bit of coffee with honey in it again. The smaller amount didn’t seem to bother my stomach, and was just enough to help me be a bit more focused during church.

Sunday lunch was a soup made of peas, onion and garlic pureed together, then chunks of chicken added.  Not bad, but I’d like to figure out more soups that are low prep, easy to crockpot, and actually really *good*. I’m looking forward to adding in fruits and raw veggies, because that will expand my food choices at least a little on Sundays beyond what I brought. It’s just a bit to complicated at this stage where I’m eating ghee but not butter, and with the ‘only UNheated olive oil’ rule to try to find anything I know I can eat at fellowship meal…

I’ve noticed that I’m stressing a bit less about being social since I started the GAPS diet. At least the last few months before starting the diet it took a lot of mental oomph to go start a conversation, and after any extended social engagement I would come away feeling like I must have said something dumb, even if I couldn’t remember what it was. I had put it down to my usual introvertedness, but comparatively to now, where I’m definitely still dealing with being an introvert, it was much harder to be social. I don’t know if that was a direct effect of something being wrong in my system, or just a symptom of lack of energy, but I like *not* having to deal with it now.

Sunday evening I tried making squash and kohlrabi chips. I made thin slices using the vegetable peeler, mixed them with ghee and salt, and baked them at 250 degrees for, um, a while. (Is ‘until they were done’ specific enough?) They turned out very well, though next time I’d salt them on the cookie sheet instead of in the bowl, for more control over even salting. Colton said they were good, and even somewhat potato chip like. I enjoyed them, and it curbed my popcorn craving, so that was good.

Overall, despite needing extra sleep every  night/morning, my energy levels seem to be better than normal, food is (mostly) good and even fun, and I definitely think that the GAPS diet is improving my health. I’ll be curious to see ho wmuch better I feel eventually when I’m past all the detox stages…



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