GAPS Intro Diet, Day 30 (including Dr visit and GAPS pizza)

This morning I juiced my half dozen carrots, which made just over half a cup of juice–enough to drink out of a small goblet and feel elegant rather than silly. Then I expended nervous energy on tidying up a bit, drinking a pot of ginger tea and getting all my papers in order for my doctor appointment until it was time to go. And THEN I realized that once again I’d forgotten to get the car key from Colton on a morning when I needed the car. Thankfully I’d built extra time into my plan, Colton met me halfway to the office with the key, and I still arrived at the doctor’s office ten minutes early.

Not much was determined at this visit, except that I think Dr Knight and I are going to get along just fine. All my tests came back normal, including one that tests for certain immune system cells being suppressed by chronic Lyme, which probably means most of my issues are with co-infections at this point (or that GAPS helped a LOT in the first couple weeks, I guess). Dr Knight was, unsurprisingly, not familiar with GAPS but seemed very interested in looking into it, and in favor of the general principles.

I’m going back tomorrow for a thyroid test and a couple other hormone tests, and so hopefully I’ll get some more information about treatment in another couple of weeks.

The appointment ran longer than I thought, so once again I skipped breakfast, and in fact, barely got home in time to fix lunch (leftover pork steak and green beans). I tried to be good and eat some beef broth with lunch, but I don’t know if it’s the Kroger soup bones, freezer taste, or just the fact that my taste buds have acclimated to chicken broth, but I really was not enjoying the broth…

After lunch I headed out for some long overdue summer clothes shopping at Salvation Army, which took most of the rest of the afternoon.

For supper, I modified this recipe (2 cups sunflower seed flour, 1/3 cup squash, 2 tsp ghee, 1 tsp salt) to make a pizza crust. I made the closest approximation I could to my famous pizza sauce using fresh garlic and the fresh herbs I had on hand, and cooked up a pound of ground turkey with ghee, herbs, garlic and onion to go on top. (Yes, I put about a pound of ground turkey on one pizza. I think I was hungry while I was cooking…)

I wasn’t sure how it was going to be with no cheese, so I strained some whey out of my yogurt to make something between greek yogurt and yogurt cheese and salted it to eat with the pizza. The salted yogurt cheese was quite good, but I think in the end the pizza stood on it’s own, clearly cheeseless, but very flavorful in it’s own right. But next time I’ll use parchment paper so we can eat the pizza in slices instead of crumbs…

Then after supper.. stewed apples! I’d cooked them up yesterday from apples I had in the freezer, adding the recommended spoonful of ghee. At the time of cooking them it was very hard not to just take a bite, but after resisting then, today was so busy I hardly thought about them until after supper. In the end, I think they would have been a bit better warm, and some part of my brain analyzed that they were a touch watery and would have benefited from some cinnamon, but it was still very good to be eating fruit again.

Also, fruit means… Stage 5! From here all I have left to add is raw vegetables (in a couple stages), more vegetable and then fruit juices, raw apple (and then other raw fruits) and then sweet baked things, using dried fruit as a sweetener. And then I will be done with intro! Well, then I’ll go back and add in eggs in slow stages and see if I can tolerate them now. And then, I’ll slowly add in other ‘full GAPS’ foods (such as cheese… mmm, cheese). I’m looking forward the relative freedom of being on full GAPS, and to possibly eating eggs again soon. I’m definitely making deviled eggs as soon as possible.

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