GAPS Intro Diet, Day 31

After being on my feet so much yesterday I really just wanted to crash this morning. Instead, I went back to the doctor’s office where they removed six tubes of blood, which didn’t really improve my energy levels.

I juiced my seven carrots (I counted it as eight because one of them was big) (also doesn’t juicing seven carrots sound like some sort of code term for the┬áapocalypse?), warmed up some leftover soup (eaten with olive oil and ginger carrots), worked on my shopping list, and pretended I was going to have more energy later. Somehow I never really got moving today.

Lunch was leftover pizza (with olive oil and beef broth–I skipped probiotic food, but took my probiotic capsule).

This afternoon I ate more stewed apples. This time I warmed them up and added just a touch of honey and quite enjoyed them.

For supper I was experimenting with uses for leftover carrot pulp. After five days of juicing I had three plastic cups more or less full of carrot pulp, and while I’ve come across some interesting ideas (carrot bread, carrot crackers, pureed carrot dip, more ginger carrots) I really needed to do something aggressive before the carrot pulp took over my refrigerator. So, I mixed 3 cups of carrot pulp, a tablespoon of ghee, a tablespoon of sunflower seed flour, 1/2 a tsp of salt, a couple tablespoons of of cooked squash and a grated onion. I took small handfuls of the mixture, smooshed it into patties, and baked them at 350 for the usual amount of time (i.e. ‘until it was done’).

Well, I thought it was done. Since it wasn’t really soft, I drizzled more ghee over it, and then baked it until I forgot about it. ­čśŤ When I finally pulled them out they were dark brown around the edges and I thought they were more or less a lost cause until I tasted them… Oddly, the crusty bits made it almost like a fish patty or something equally bland-but-soft-and-crunchy. I think they could be really good with a little more liquid and then fried, so I’ll have to experiment with the carrot patties some more.

While I was waiting for the carrot patties to cook, I ate leftover soup with olive oil and ginger carrots for my actual supper…

I’m still on 2 1/2 capsules of probiotic per day, split between two meals. Tomorrow I’m adding celery to my carrot juice (partly because I only have three carrots left, so I want to supplement the juice a bit).