GAPS Intro Diet, Day 36

Today has been a rough day, symptom wise. I’ve had a moderate headache ever since last night with a brief respite this afternoon after Colton rubbed my head and neck with peppermint oil. My stomach has been hesitant of food most of the day, though not outright upset. And I’m tired.

I suspect that I’m detoxing again on top of catching whatever stomach bug Colton had. As a side note, if I were one of the cool Lyme patients, I would refer to detox as Herxing, a reference to the Herxheimer Reaction. But then again, maybe GAPS diet terminology is cooler than Lyme terminology? I’m undecided.

I didn’t eat much today because of the stomach weirdness. I juiced my carrots, celery, mint and lettuce this morning, and didn’t eat breakfast otherwise. I had yogurt and applesauce for lunch (and skipped the olive oil for that meal, for obvious reasons…). A couple hours later I got hungry and ate a leftover drumstick and a bit of leftover mashed cauliflower. For supper I was finally hungry at normal levels and we had ground beef with sauteed onion, green pepper and mushrooms.

I found the raw veggies tempting as I was slicing them (even the onion, oddly) which makes me wonder if I really should move on to introducing salad sooner rather than later, but I’m still hesitant to introduce new foods during stomach weirdness.

I’m still on 3 capsules of probiotic, and finally took my cod liver oil again after missing a couple days.

I’m hoping this detox cycle (along with the stomach weirdness) passes quickly…


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