GAPS Intro Diet, Day 37

Yesterday I finally felt better again, and managed to (more or less) whip the house into shape, cook a largish meal *and* be social in the evening. It’s amazingly good to have energy again.

We found out that there’s a stomach bug going around with similar symptoms to what we had, but other people got it much worse. This makes me feel a lot better about the effectiveness of our efforts to stay well if our ‘mild’ stomach bug wasn’t automatically mild for everyone else. I even wonder if part of my detox headache wasn’t so much from increasing my probiotic too quickly, but from the extra toxins my body was dealing with from the stomach flu. I think I’d actually prefer the three day headache to a similar time period of serious digestive problems…

I juiced as usual in the morning, and we ate a mishmash of leftovers for lunch.

It was very satisfying to get the living room and bathroom all cleaned up for company, and to still have energy left to wash (some) dishes and cook supper.

I cooked up hamburgers in the oven, on a cookie sheet full off sliced onion. This worked fairly well, but even being the oven upwards of 45 minutes, the onions never got as soft as they would if I’d sauteed them for 20-30 minutes. There were various starchy sides, which I didn’t eat, and sauteed radishes, which I did. (Apparently it’s true that anything is good sauteed in butter/ghee with garlic–even radishes.) I also didn’t eat any of the cobbler I made, but it looked really good…

Disappointingly, my lactofermented ketchup went bad before I finished it, and I can’t make more until I get more honey. (We have a few spoonfuls of honey left, which I’m hoarding for tea, but hopefully we’ll be able to get more very soon.) But, I ate my hamburger with a new batch of ginger carrots (made from juicer pulp) and avocado, and that worked out okay.

I’m hitting another slightly rough patch on food, which is probably a combination of not planning food out as well while we weren’t feeling well, wanting comfort food while I wasn’t feeling well, and being so close to the end of intro without quite getting there yet. On a bright note, I got to eat lettuce yesterday! Only three bites, and while olive oil, salt and pepper make an acceptable salad dressing, it’s definitely not ranch… But I ate raw vegetable, and it was good! And no bad side effects so far! (Can you tell I’m excited about getting to the end of intro and eating raw foods?)

I think I only got chicken stock and olive oil in once yesterday, but I got at least a little probiotic food with all my meals, I remembered to take my cod liver oil, and I took my three probiotic capsules (and got my morning juice, which is going so well, I forget to include it on my list of ‘accomplishments’).

There are so many supplement type things to remember on GAPS that I’m only doing okay at getting everything I’m supposed to get at every meal, or even every day. (Also, I missed a recommended supplement or two at the very beginning–more on that in my next post hopefully.) But, so far, I’ve done very well at taking my probiotic capsules on schedule (still splitting them between meals to soften the detox effect), getting my morning juice, getting a good amount of animal fat in my diet, and not adding any foods before I was supposed to. I think the only food I added that wasn’t specifically allowed was lemon juice, and I added that out of desperation for electrolytes, and have had no bad effects from continuing to use it occasionally. I also decided to treat juicing like adding in probiotic food–continuing to increase *as* I added in new foods, rather than waiting to finish the whole juicing step before adding in new foods. I don’t know if this is technically allowed or not, but it seemed to be a reasonable interpretation of the instructions. Otherwise, (and besides leaving out eggs for now, because of a known allergy) I’ve managed to follow the food introduction steps exactly.

I’ve only done so-so at the reducing toxins side of GAPS… I have been mostly strict with using only natural products for cleaning and such. I went back to baking soda and vinegar for washing my hair, have been using only essential oils for pain relief, and using cocoa butter and grapeseed oil for lotion. I already used mostly natural type products of dish soap and cleaners (think Greenworks), so I didn’t try to change those at all. However, if I were going to strictly follow her instructions, I would have bought several houseplants to purify the air, taken daily walks in the woods, and found a natural, unpolluted, chlorine free swimming hole to swim in regularly. Lovely as this all sounds, it was a bit too much to fit into my life right now…



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