GAPS Intro Diet, Day 39

I’m still having trouble including every component that’s supposed to be in every meal, but I figure as long as I get olive oil, chicken stock and probiotic food in each a couple times a day, it probably won’t break the diet if I don’t get them all every single meal.

This morning I added apple to my juice. I’m out of celery, and decided to save my lettuce for eating, so it was just carrot and apple. I decided I quite approve of this combination.

For breakfast I had the last piece of leftover fish from last night, topped with faux-sauteed onions left from Tuesday night, salted yogurt and cooked up carrot pulp with some avocado on the side. It was good, but I decided I’m tired of eating carrot pulp and threw away all the carrot pulp I had stashed in the fridge. There will be more tomorrow anyway…

Lunch was pork steak with more leftover sauteed onions. (Apparently one onion per person is  excessive when feeding six people.) We also tested my latest batch of sauerkraut, and decided that it is even more successful than the first batch. Colton now voluntarily eats sauerkraut–that should tell you something.

This afternoon I cleaned out the fridge, which had been needing it for a while, and I had been dreading. I threw away some food, which I hate doing, and as usual decided that now that the fridge is clean, I will *keep* it clean and organized and not lose track of any food so that none of it goes bad ever again. Oh, well, at least our fridge doesn’t smell bad anymore.

And, following up my plan to not let food go bad, I roasted up a red pepper to make these crackers before my pepper went bad. Despite the description, the crackers don’t taste quite like Cheez-Its to me, but they are very good, and I would make them again. Next time, since I’m using a blender instead of a food processor, I’d blend my sunflower seed first to turn them into flour, and then add the red pepper. I added a couple spoonfuls of ghee to my ‘dough’ to try to get it to a blending consistency, but I had to fall back on the ‘blend for two seconds, then stop and push the food down with a spatula’ strategy.

For supper I made chicken salad. I am at heart still a die hard mayonnaise girl, but with an egg allergy and now GAPS, I have learned to adapt. I made a yogurt dressing loosely based on this recipe (without the basil and parsley, so no ‘ranch’ flavor, just creamy and lots of salt) and it was actually pretty good.  Colton ate his as tortilla wraps, and I ate mine as lettuce wraps. Laugh if you will, but I was very happy to be eating lettuce wraps again. 🙂 (Yay, lettuce!)

It’s hard not to rush things along now that I’m so close to the end of GAPS Intro. I’m getting impatient to be done, to test out eggs and be able to eat eggy things again, to eat raw fruit, and cheese… I’ve introduced raw veggies and fruit juice, so the only *new* steps that are left are Stage 6: raw fruit and sweet baked goods. BUT I still need to introduce other veggies (starting with cucumber) and fruit juices one at a time, so I’m not ready to move on to Stage 6 yet.

It is pretty cool to look back and realize how far I’ve come in a fairly short time. Not so very long ago I was just eating soup…


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