GAPS Intro Diet, Day 40

I feel like I should have some deep theological comment about being on the GAPS diet for 40 days. If I were super holy I probably would have arranged my entire GAPS process to end on day 40, as a symbol of completion of my time of testing and tribulation.

But in reality it was a pretty normal day. Well, a normal GAPS day at least.

Breakfasting at ten is remarkably inconvenient at times. It helps that I’m doing juice first thing in the mornings now, but I usually get hungry before ten anyway. I’m contemplating the possibility that this means my body is done detoxing and needs food before ten, but I haven’t made any drastic decisions like changing my breakfast time yet.

This means that leaving the house at 9:30 to pick up my co-op order around 10 and then make a quick Aldi trip, delays breakfast until almost 11. (I didn’t actually eat until 11:30, and I’m really not sure how it took me that long to get around to food when I was starving…)

I now have such exciting additions to my pantry as organic shredded coconut (to be used for making coconut flour for baking once I get to full GAPS) and pineapple and mango (soon to be added to my juicing routine). And of course, I had to stock up on avocados, since they were on sale at Aldi for .49.

When I did finally eat ‘breakfast’ I had some chicken stock and leftover chicken salad in a lettuce wrap. (Lettuce wraps are still so good!) About an hour later I had a repeat of yesterday’s lunch–pork steak, sauerkruat, and leftover cooked onions. And more chicken stock. Yay for getting in my chicken stock.

Unfortunately, I forgot the take my probiotic capsules… I took two around supper and should be able to fit in the third one sometime ┬áthis evening, though I don’t know if that will increase the intensity of die-off to take them that close together.

This afternoon I washed some dishes, which were of course starting to pile up again, and got the kitchen floor swept and mopped. Overall this means that I’m feeling a lot better than I did during the bleah and tired stretches on GAPS, but still not bursting with energy.

After a late snack of applesauce and yogurt I’m not actually hungry for supper yet, but the last of the leftover chicken salad is on the menu.

Tomorrow I will add in cucumber. Cucumber is not very exciting. But I will be good and add in cucumber before I add in more fruit juices and move on.