GAPS Intro Diet, Days 41, 42 & 43

Saturday we got up at three-thirty in the morning to watch the meteor shower, but that really has nothing to do with GAPS, so I’ll just say that yes, it was fun and we saw a couple shooting stars, and yes, despite going back to bed and getting several more hours sleep, getting up at three-thirty did seem to make us tired.

When we *actually* got up on Saturday we headed out to play frisbee golf, which meant quick juicing and portable food for me. My breakfast ended up being a little bit of chicken stock and a bowlful of ground beef. Not my standard fare, but I’ve definitely had worse meals…

It kept me full for about five hours, which really threw off my meal schedule for the day…

Frisbee golf tired me out, but this time I was less sore afterward than the first time we played. This is very good, because the first time we played I was *very* sore for a couple of days.

Later in the afternoon, when I was finally hungry, I cooked up some more ground beef and mushrooms and ate it with sauerkraut (and I think, olive oil…). I also made up a kind of cucumber salad with yogurt, salt and pepper. Cucumbers still aren’t my favorite, but I discovered they really aren’t that bad.

In the evening I snacked on some improvised guacamole (avocado, lemon juice, salt and a touch of yogurt) with red pepper crackers. I like having snacky food again!

I had some weird mood swings that afternoon. I wasn’t sure if they were blood sugar related from going so long without eating, or possibly (unpleasant thought) a bad reaction from having introduced raw veggies, or what.

Once again, I forgot to take my probiotics at earlier meals in the day, and ended up taking all three, but fairly closely lumped together.

Sunday breakfast was similar to Saturday’s, but with a bit more preparation, so my ground beef included mushrooms and was topped with saurkraut and olive oil. Also, I remembered to take my probiotics capsules with me so I could get all in and evenly spaced through the day. (Yay!) Lunch and supper were both a pureed chicken broccoli soup, which was okay, but not the best soup I’ve ever made. However, for the first time since I started GAPS, someone else had brought food I knew I could eat! Meat with just onion, salt and pepper. Yay! It feels like another small step toward normality to be able to eat more than just my own soup at fellowship meal.

I probably should have included raw cucumber at some point, to better test my reaction to it, but being out of the house all day, I didn’t really get a chance.

Sunday afternoon I didn’t play frisbee golf, but walked along for nine holes while other people played frisbee golf, and by the end my sore muscles had me hobbling. I got tired early that evening too…

This morning started with juice, and I added mango to my carrot and apple. It was quite good, and once again, no bad reaction so far. Breakfast was leftover only-okay broccoli soup, which was oddly improved by the addition of salted yogurt and olive oil.

I felt pretty good this morning, and got a bit done, such as actually cleaning the juicer (relatively) promptly after using it. I also did the first T Tapp exercise, though my muscles are still sore enough from frisbee golf that I didn’t feel up to doing the whole workout.

I also did a bit of research on my emotional reactions over the weekend and decided they’re probably due to die-off. I vaguely knew that die-off can cause emotional reactions (such as irritability), but hadn’t really thought through the fact that because of the way the toxins affect the brain, can even cause things like nightmares, crying for no reason, and panic attack like episodes. Most likely die-off is also responsible for my recent slight increase in the impulse to check behind the shower curtain for knife wielding intruders or dead bodies. (Why, yes, I did read a lot of murder mysteries as a teenager, why do you ask?) The best part about this is, not only will it pass as this stage of detox eases up, but there’s no reason for me to stop eating raw veggies. 🙂

Lunch was ground beef with sauteed swiss chard, plus, of course, olive oil and sauerkraut. I took a capsule of BioKult probiotic with breakfast, but split open a capsule of Tummy Tuneup and had half a capsule at lunch. (Despite having fewer kinds of good bacteria, the Tummy Tuneup contains roughly twice as many good bacteria, so rather than confuse my counting system I’m counting each TT capsule as two.) So far I haven’t noticed a problem from switching probiotic brands, and have had continuing mild dieoff symptoms (headache, slight fatigue, slightly emotional) through the whole day.

Somehow most of the afternoon got taken up with getting to the chiropractor and doing laundry (and starting this blog post) so I only got a few dishes washed and was still tired out by the end of the afternoon. Still, that’s at least not worse than I have been doing, and just getting laundry done is kind of a big deal. Hopefully tomorrow I can motor through a lot of dirty dishes and get caught up…

Supper was kind of a GAPS take on eggplant parmasan– it involved zucchini, tomato sauce (with garlic and oregano), onion, mushroom and ground beef. Sadly, it did *not* involve parmesan, but give it a couple more weeks and it might! Colton added cheese to his, and said it was very good. I ate mine with salted yogurt and a bit of olive oil, which was also very good. On the side we had salted and peppered cucumber slices.

Tomorrow I’m planning to try a variation on unstuffed cabbage using shredded cauliflower instead of rice.

I made a miscalculation and only bought one mango at Aldi (and they were only .79, so I’m really not sure what I was thinking…), so I won’t get to continue the mango tomorrow. On Wednesday I’ll try introducing pineapple in my juice, but until then I’ll just be at carrot and apple juice. Pineapple is that last officially recommended food in stage 5! I’ll still slowly continue introducing other raw vegetables besides lettuce and cucumber, and might keep trying new fruit juices, but after the pineapple juice I get to move on to stage 6: raw apples!