GAPS Intro Diet, Day 44

Overall, I’ve had more energy the past few days. I don’t exactly bounce out of bed every morning, ready to face the day, but I have been keeping up with general household chores and whittling away at the ever present pile of dirty dishes. I almost feel like I might finish my backlog of dishes and other chores and have spare time to work on other projects soon. This is a sure sign of starting another detox cycle or getting sick or *something* soon. 🙂

This morning, after carrot and apple juice, I did my 15 minute T Tapp workout, got supper in the crockpot and washed up the juicer, all before breakfast. It’s a lot easier to get a lot done before breakfast when you don’t eat until 10… I started experimenting with how much water I could reasonably drink before eating in the morning, to help the natural detox cycle, and hit either 8 or 9 glasses of water before 10:30 this morning. (Yes, I ate late again–it really doesn’t make any sense…) I’m not sure of the exact size of the glass, but at 12-16 oz glasses, that’s… a lot of water.

Once again I ate leftover broccoli soup, with olive oil and yogurt, for breakfast. I’m sticking with my current dose of ‘3’ probiotic capsules a day (1 BioKult, 1 Tummy Tuneup), so I took one with breakfast.

I didn’t do well drinking chicken stock with my meals today, but all of the meals had chicken stock as an ingredient, so I did get it regularly today, albeit in small quantities.

Lunch was a combination of leftovers (including the zucchini casserole, which continued to be amazing) with yogurt and olive oil, and 1/2 a Tummy Tuneup capsule.

This afternoon I finished listening to The Hiding Place on audiobook while I folded laundry, tidied up a bit, and washed about half the dirty dishes.

Supper was a slightly modified version of an old favorite: unstuffed cabbage (using cauliflower in place of the traditional rice). Not only was it good, but I made a whole crockpot full of food for about $3.60, which is always exciting. (At least, it’s always exciting if you’re a grocery nerd like I am.) I used a thinly sliced head of cabbage (frozen, from the St Patricks day sale, .35ish), a pound of ground beef (manager’s special, $1.50), cauliflower, thrown frozen in the blender to chop in finely (on sale at Kroger, $1), 2 onions, thinly sliced (about .50 at Aldi), a couple of mushrooms (maybe .20, also on manager’s special), tomato paste (from a #10 can given to us!), chicken stock (considered a free byproduct of chicken for my grocery cost analysis), and some garlic, salt and pepper (pennies, so call it .05 to make it all even).

It turned out well (which is good, since we have a ton of it), and after eating supper we had more than enough left to have for lunch tomorrow plus make a freezer meal. It’s good to start stocking up on freezer meals again, especially GAPS legal ones. 🙂

I ate mine with yogurt and olive oil. Colton added cheese to his. (No, those weren’t part of my cost analysis. So sue me.)

Technically the cabbage is a new food, but I’m not treating it as such, because I haven’t had any problems with any vegetables, so I’ve treated all vegetables (aside from starchy ones, of course) as a group which is edible. I had avoided cabbage for a while because very fibrous veggies are not recommended in early intro, but since I’m about to be allowed raw cabbage, I figured cooked cabbage must be okay now.

Tomorrow I add pineapple to my morning juice. I’m going to keep my probiotic dose level for now, since the new die-off symptoms are a little harder to track than just headache and fatigue. (Yes, I had emotions today. Were they more unreasonable than normal for being female? *shrugs*)