GAPS Intro Diet, Day 45

This morning I added pineapple to my carrot juice. I skipped the apple, trying to stretch the apples until grocery shopping day. I think the flavor would be more rounded with the apple, but pineapple with just carrot was still very exciting.

For breakfast I finally finished off the mediocre broccoli soup (with sauerkraut and olive oil), and went on to eat avocado sauteed in ghee because I was still hungry.

Lunch was leftover unstuffed cabbage with yogurt and olive oil (and a bit more salt, because in my opinion it was just a bit lacking…). I forgot to take my probiotic capsule with breakfast, so I broke up a Tummy Tuneup capsule and sprinkled the whole thing over my food. (I’m breaking them open to avoid the enteric coating on the capsule.)

Today was grocery shopping planning day, so I went through the fridge reorganizing food, throwing away as necessary, and cataloging what needs to be used up soon. Then on with menu planning and sale perusing until Moriah and Toby showed up at the door with their now standard greeting of “Housekeeping!”.

Toby washed dishes for me while Moriah and I peeled and chopped ginger to freeze before it went bad in the fridge.

Soon it was time to head to my Dr appointment. (I finished most of the rest of my menu planning and shopping list making while waiting for the Dr to come into the exam room. This is one reason I like my netbook with it’s little screen–portability.) I have borderline low thyroid, so I’ll be going on thyroid medication experimentally to see if I feel better. Surprisingly, my b12 levels were very good.

After a long leisurely Dr appointment I rushed home to throw together supper from chicken that had been stewing in the crockpot all day. (I’m very glad I’d been cooking them for stock, because the original plan for supper was roasting chicken legs in the oven, which takes at least 45 minutes.) I put some stock in the cast iron skillet and boiled it to make a reduction sauce, adding salt, garlic, lemon and rosemary, then added the chicken as it continued to simmer down. I quite enjoyed it, especially for something I threw together at the last minute…

I ate my chicken with salad (lettuce counts as salad in my world, as long as it has salad dressing) topped with yogurt, olive oil and salt. I took my BioKult probiotic with supper.

I’m surprised how well my energy held out through all the different activities of the day. I did finally fade when we had to run some errands after supper. But for me getting chores done, having a dr appointment, and then rushing to get supper on the table and *not* automatically being exhausted is actually pretty impressive.