GAPS Intro Diet, Day 46

This morning, after a rushed start because of an alarm fail (I almost said alarm clock fail, but of course it wasn’t a clock–it was phone), I took a slow, easy morning. I had my carrot, apple. pineapple juice. I poked around on the internet to find out more about methylmalonic acid (there’s not really a whole lot to know as far as I can tell). I ate unstuffed cabbage with yogurt and olive oil. (I even remembered to warm up chicken broth to have with it, which I’ve been doing badly at remembering lately.) I mostly finished up my shopping list for tomorrow. I cleaned the juicer. I made chicken salad.
Then I drove to Gabrielle’s, where we each ate a lunch which followed our seperate diets, but together. (I ate the aformentioned chicken salad in half an avocado, with cucumber slices on the side.) Time passed as quickly as I should have expected it to, but didn’t.
Soon I was rushing home, throwing leftover chicken salad in tortilla for Colton, eating leftover chicken salad out of the other half of my avocado, and heading out the door again to pick up canning jars (my first use of Craigslist–successful!) on the way to frisbee.

I got some yogurt and olive oil at every meal today, and got in some chicken stock, which is better than some days recently. I increased my probiotic capsule dose to the eqivalant of 3 1/4 capusles (1 1/4 BK with breakfast, 1 TT with supper).
After supper this evening I ranged from feeling lightheaded, to sore throat, to not too bad and ended up at really tired. I suspect these are all direct detox symptoms rather than going back to less energy, but we’ll have to see how tomorrow goes. For now, peppermint tea and honey…