GAPS Intro Diet, Days 47, 48 & 49

Friday morning I made my carrot apple juice and took it with me on my five-stops-before-lunch shopping trip. I got some fun vegetables at the Metro Center farmer’s market, including red peppers for stuffed peppers, red peppers to try a variation on a roasted red pepper soup that looked amazing, banana peppers to lactoferment, lots of squash and zucchini (of course) and on whim, spinach. I picked up frozen green beans and eggs at Hyvee, lots of frozen cauliflower at Kroger, then swung by CVS to pick up my thyroid prescription and some manly looking birthday cards (the kind without flowers or pink polkadots).

I made it home in time to throw together a quick faux teryaki chicken using honey, beet kvass, chicken stock, garlic and ginger. (I can post a recipe, or at least an approximate one if anyone is interested. It’s based on a soy free teryaki recipe I came up with pre-GAPS.) It was sooo good.

After lunch I realized how tired I was after my very full morning of errands, and took most of the afternoon easy until it was time to figure out food to take to a birthday party. After a minor GAPS breakdown over all the social and food complications I ended up with a really good squash, onion and beef dish that I quite enjoyed.

I decided not to introduce raw apple on Friday, because I accidentally introduced a new kind of tea that was unlabeled in the cupboard that morning instead of my usual peppermint. That a few brief stabs of stomach pain made it seem like a bad day to introduce new food.

Saturday started with carrot mango juice (mango is my favorite of all the juices introduced so far). My leisurely Saturday morning quickly turned into ‘not starting food as soon as I should have’ and then ended up having to roast chicken legs (a 40 minute or so process) in order to get a protein with my meal. I didn’t eat until noon, and my blood sugar and energy levels felt weird for the rest of the day. (Which was frustrating, because I felt *great* while I was drinking my juice.)

By the time my chicken was done, I devoured it, along with a quarter of a peeled raw apple.

Sometime in the afternoon I cooked up some hamburger and spinach (with garlic, of course), which I believe I ate with saurkraut and olive oil…

Supper was a staff-and-family picnic where Colton works, which was fun…except for the food. Thankfully, there was shredded pork that was unsauced, but it was the only thing I could eat, and eating completely plain meat at a festive picnic only intensified my growing frustration with GAPS diet food. I also had a couple brief stabs of stomach pain after eating the meat, but it *should* have been completely ‘clean’–just meat and the salt I added, so I don’t know if they were related or not.

On the bright side, I got to play a few rounds of ultimate frisbee before I was too exhausted to keep playing, and had a lot of fun playing in a group that wasn’t all way better at frisbee than I am.

This morning I started pulling food together a little bit better, starting my day with ginger tea and carrot spinach juice, and eating my breakfast of leftover hamburger/spinach stuff and chicken drumstick with olive oil, sauerkraut and chicken stock.

Colton and I were both really tired so we came home right after church and ate the zucchini casserole we’d planned to take to the fellowship meal. Unfortunately, something about the crockpot cooking method didn’t seem to work quite as well as the original oven zucchini casserole I’d made, and it was okay, but not as amazing as I’d been hoping.

Supper was hamburger cooked with mushrooms and a rather amazing salad on the side. I added my quarter of a (peeled) apple for today to my salad, and drizzled honey over the top along with my olive oil (and a touch of salt and pepper–sprinkled, not drizzled). My blahish salad turned into one of my favorite foods over the last couple of days. 🙂 I have to say though, after being off of all other sweeteners for so long, using more honey than just spoonful in my tea is pretty intense. I seem to have something of a love-hate relationship with honey right now…

I got in my 3 1/4 probiotic capsules every day, and did my juicing every morning. I was hit and miss with my probiotic foods and chicken stock, but no worse than I have been lately anyway. I introduced raw apple with no apparent problems (I haven’t pinned down the source of the stomach pains, but they don’t seem to be connected as far as I can tell…), and the last food on GAPS intro is introducing sweeter baked goods with dried fruit in them. Before I introduce that though, I’m starting my thyroid medicine tomorrow. If that seems to go okay, with no side effects, I’ll introduce some kind of sunflower seed, applesauce, raisin cookie on Wednesday.

Sticking with GAPS has been really rough over the last few days, and I’m having a hard time figuring out exactly what’s going on with that. Is it fueled by an emotional reaction to die-off? Purely an emotional reaction to having been a restricted diet for so long? A physical reaction of some kind, where my body’s trying to tell me that it needs something different/new?

I have seen comments from several people online that they had a bad reaction to trying to do GAPS long term, because they had a hard time getting in enough carbs to function properly (yes, there are people who need carbs to function well). And tonight I ran across a comment that this is especially dangerous for people with adrenal fatigue (not a current concern, but something I definitely have history of) and hypothyroid. This could explain some of my love/hate relationship with honey…

On the other hand, I am, finally, almost done with intro, and I want to make the most of all the work I put in getting to this point, and maximize the healing benefits of the diet I’ve done so far. I don’t think just quitting GAPS would do that… (tempting as it has been over the last couple of days). But I do think my body needs something it’s not getting–possibly more carbs, possibly just more complete meal plans for non-main meals so I do less scrounging of whatever I can find, or possibly even trying to move a little faster into full GAPS (though I’m not sure how much faster I can move…).