GAPS Intro Diet, Day 50

I’m over the worst of being emotionally ‘done’ with GAPS, but I’m still very much at hoping not to be on it any longer than necessary. I’ve continued to have stabbing stomach pains, but I seem to have a bout of two or three stabs of pain about once a day, at no consistent time of day, and as far as I can tell, completely unrelated to what I’ve been eating. There may be a thread I’ve missed of some food that’s bothering my stomach, but at this point I really don’t think it’s a big enough to deal to stop progressing as I’ve had no other bad symptoms, and the pain is so very limited.

Yesterday I started my thyroid medication, so I held off introducing sweeter baked goods. I didn’t notice any reaction from the thyroid pills, either good or bad, though results are usually very gradual. Despite taking it on an empty stomach I didn’t seem to have any bad stomach reaction, though I did have a bit of that ‘digesting medicine’ feeling which is a bit hard to describe.

It was a tired morning again, so between my morning nap and making/drinking my carrot spinach apple juice, I didn’t eat any real food until lunch. For lunch I sauteed some onions to add to the leftover zucchini casserole, which helped some with the extra strong tomato flavor. (Why is it always the dishes that don’t come out quite right that produce a ton of leftovers?) Unfortunately, my last batch of yogurt went bad, so I don’t even have any yogurt to cut the acidity… I ate my lunch with olive oil, and I don’t remember if I had a probioitic food…

The afternoon went okay. Colton took laundry with him to do at the office, so I could focus on dishes and some office type tasks. (I survived a phone call to schedule a dentist appointment!) I made headway on the dishes without getting exhausted, but didn’t have a super productive day.

For supper I tried a new idea–I made mashed cauliflower and added the drippings from last time I roasted chicken legs (probably about 1/4 cup each of chicken fat and concentrated stock like juices). That thinned it down enough to make a white sauce like consistency. Then I added a can of salmon, and pureed it some more. I poured that over some sauteed strips of yellow zucchini and put the whole thing in the oven for about twenty minutes.

The salmon cauliflower sauce came out very well, and the zucchini strips were more pasta like than I would have expected, despite numerous people online who seem to substitute zucchini for pasta all the time. To be clear, my pasta similarity expectations were very low, and only somewhat exceeded, but it was still a very good dish and one I’d make again.

After supper we went out frisbee golfing with one of Colton’s younger brothers. Not only do I keep slowly improving with every game we play, I’ve been less and less sore after every game of frisbee golf. (This morning I’m barely sore at all, compared to the morning after our first game of frisbee golf where I could hardly get out of bed.)

My timing was a bit weird on my probiotic capsules, but I did manage to get in my full 3 1/4 capsule dose. I’m planning to stick with that dose for one more day, and then probably move up to 3 1/2 capsules. (In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m not making it to ten capsules before  I finish intro.)

And today I plan to introduce some GAPS cookies! That’s officially the last step on intro, though it will probably take me another three weeks to finish adding in all the rest of the GAPS foods to consider myself on full GAPS. At that point I’ll take stock again of how things are going and whether to immediately start moving back to a ‘normal’ diet, or stay on GAPS for a bit first.


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