GAPS Diet, Day 53

Attentive readers may notice that I have removed the word ‘intro’ from the title of this post. I introduced the last food from the intro diet two days ago, with no ill effects, and I’m ready to start introducing foods from the full GAPS diet. In other words: PARTY!!!
Related to this, I’m curious how many people are still interested in daily updates on GAPS diet progress, even post-intro.
This morning I skipped juicing for the first time since introducing juice. It just didn’t fit into my morning, at least, not at the speed I was moving at. I spent a chunk of my morning doing mending while listening to a piano lesson in progress, and then picked up my library card so if I wanted to, I could check materials out of the very conveniently located, but inconveniently structured Peoria Heights library. (Short check-out intervals and no renewals is a bad combination…)
Breakfast and lunch didn’t really end up being seperate meals by the time I got home. Over the course of about an hour I ate some of both kinds of leftover zucchini casserole, sauteed onion, chicken stock, sauerkraut and some olive oil.
This afternoon I had to run some errands: Colton has suddenly had a bad hay-fever flare up, and since this doesn’t often happen we had no allergy medication in the house.
After errands in both the morning and the afternoon, I spent the rest of the afternoon crashing, watching an episode of Chopped and eating leftover chicken legs and apple.
Then I made coconut butter. You know, out of coconut. That stuff I couldn’t eat on the intro diet, but I can now. (Well, I can try introducing it anyway… we’ll see how it goes.)
My blender doesn’t do well with very thick, sticky liquids. For instance it does fine making nut flour, but making nut butter is almost not worth it as the blades just throw the food against the side of the jar….and…it…stays…there….
Coconut butter was a similar experience, though it turned out well in the end. My coconut shreds quickly turned to coconut flour, then slightly sticky coconut flour, then stuck to the sides of the blender. After several rounds of turning off the blender and pushing down the coconut substance, it suddenly turned to a liquid and blended away merrily. I snuck several little tastes along the way, and while I don’t quite see it as the most amazing substance on earth, as it’s been proclaimed on blogs I’ve seen, I am looking forward to trying it out in some recipes, and probably on some scookies too.
Supper was leftover chicken legs, chopped up and sauteed with some mushrooms. Colton ate his on a tortilla with cheese. I ate mine on a lettuce leaf with olive oil. I drank beet kvass and chicken stock with my meal, so I got in two full cups of chicken stock today! Also, I guess technically if I’m done with intro, I can go down to one cup of chicken stock per day instead of one per meal. I’ll probably try to keep high stock consumption for now though, especially since I’ve been skimping on it recently.

I nibbled on some red pepper crackers (it has been suggested they should be renamed ‘junk food nuggets’), and then had a bedtime snack of scookie with coconut butter. I approve.

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