GAPS Intro Diet, Day 52

I started the morning (very tired) with some carrot spinach juice with just a touch of apple. I promptly decided to take the morning off, despite my inability to fall asleep for a morning nap. So, other than soaking some sunflower seeds so I could dehydrate them in time for supper, and some minor boxing stuff up that needs to be returned, I pretty much took a slow, easy morning.

For breakfast I warmed up some ground turkey and sauteed in mushroom and diced onion, added olive oil and sauerkraut, and even remembered to have half a cup of chicken stock with my meal. (This was the only chicken stock I got in all day though…)

For lunch I took sliced zucchini I didn’t use for zucchini pizzas, put it on the bottom of a casserole dish and added some leftover ground turkey, diced onions and sliced mushrooms, and topped it with just bit of tomato sauce from the neverending leftover zucchini casserole. It turned out quite well, and helped cut the overwhelming tomatoness of the original zucchini casserole. I added olive oil and drank beet kvass with it for my probioitic food.

In the afternoon Moriah came over and washed a bunch of dishes for me while I folded laundry.

I also finally came up with a semblance of a system for mail that Colton needs to see. My previous system was to leave it on the table until I remembered to show it to him, but I’ve discovered this only works when I’m *not* tired or sick most of the time, and I really should have an actual system. So, I put up a mini bulletin board next to the calendar that I can pin things to that Colton needs to see. I’m not convinced it’s a great system, but it’s a step in the right direction.

For supper I made oven fried chicken with sunflower seed flower that was almost sufficiently dehydrated. It didn’t stick to chicken legs very well, but the flavor was excellent, and it worked just fine to spoon extra breading and grease back over the top of the chicken. I also roasted carrots for the first time in a long time, and they were amazing, as usual. I added mushrooms this time, which worked fine, but were not quite as amazing, in my opinion.

And then, when I felt the need for some midnight snacking before bed (apparently my personal midnight is scheduled early) I was able to nibble on scookies and raisin cake (which became firmer and more cake like after several hours in the fridge). I like having snack food around I can eat. I know I’ve mentioned this frequently lately, but you try going over a month without snack food, and see how strongly you feel about it. 🙂


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