GAPS Diet, Day 54

The last few mornings my stomach has felt a bit weird at the beginning of the day. Not quite upset, usually, just like it would have rather stayed in bed, thank you very much, though it’s glad I’m at least not trying to feed it yet. Ginger or peppermint tea seems to reconcile it to progressing with the day. It may have something to do with taking my thyroid medicine first thing in the morning…

Today I had carrot apple juice and launched (slowly) right into getting things done for the day. Thanks to Whitney, I’m trying out a new yogurt starter, which is still in experimental stages. I cultured the yogurt starter Wednesday to Thursday, and started the first batch of yogurt this morning. Hopefully, if I did everything right, the yogurt will be ready to test tomorrow morning. I also did some more tidying up (twice in one week–how exciting!) and washed a few dishes.

Breakfast was cold leftover chicken, reheated roasted carrots, and chicken stock. I intended to drink beet kvass with lunch to cover the probiotics for both meals, but after breakfast my stomach started feeling very full and heavy and not quite right with the world. It didn’t seem at all like a food reaction–for one thing, everything I’d just eaten were foods I’d already eaten before with no problem–and almost felt more like the first stage of coming down with a cold or flu.

It did pass after couple hours of not eating, and since it felt completely normal again I decided to proceed with using coconut. If it continues to happen I’ll try backing off the coconut to see what happens, but I suspect it was just a weird, one-time happening.

This afternoon I finished reading a very strange book by Louisa May Alcott (apparently written in her early starving writer stage, and oddly unlike her later books…mostly). In other exciting news, maintenance came and fixed our tub so it drains again! Yay!

In more GAPS relevant news, I made coconut milk today. I discovered that while 2 cups of coconut and 6 cups of hot water ‘fits’ in my blender it doesn’t *fit* in my blender. Not once you turn on the blender anyway. I did my coconut milk in two batches. Then I turned the leftover coconut shreds into coconut flour.

The coconut milk is not extremely impressive straight as a milk substitute, but I am thrilled to have a milk substitute to put in my coffee and recipes now. In a pinch, I’d even drink it plain too.

After my stomach returned to normal, I got really hungry and snacked on a bowl of applesauce.

I did a bit of other food prep, roasting red peppers for a soup next week and making supper. I stuffed red peppers with a mixture of hamburger, garlic, onion, mushroom, some zucchini I had already sliced in my fridge from another meal, and the tops of the red peppers I cut off. For a side, I made squash fries again, but in the skillet this time. I actually found it a lot easier to just dump the fries in the skillet with some ghee and stir occasionally than to carefully arrange the fries on a cookie sheet and take up my entire oven for an hour. They came out a bit softer (less crispy), but I think it’s worth the tradeoff.

After supper Colton washed the rest of the dishes for me. (We have counter by the sink. Did you know that was there?) I grated kohlrabi with plans of making a GAPS version of kohlrabi hash browns for breakfast tomorrow. (As far as I can tell this is the only kohrabi hashbrown recipe that exists anywhere, as a google turns up about a thousand websites that all have the exact same recipe.)

And now that the chores are done and blog post is written, it’s time for the weekend…

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