GAPS Diet, Day 60

I survived 60 days on GAPS! I should get a T-shirt or something. On second thought, maybe I don’t want to have to explain GAPS to *everyone* I meet…

This morning I started with carrot lettuce juice, put some salmon chowder, sauerkraut and olive oil in a thermos, and dashed out the door to do my grocery shopping.) Okay, I also snuck a pineapple coconut bite before breakfast…) Salmon chowder with a generous helping of sauerkraut is not the greatest food to try to gulp fast in a parking lot. Just in case you were wondering.

Lunch was julienned sauteed zucchini topped with leftover tomato/pepper soup from last night. Once again, a really good combination, and once again I skipped the sauerkraut. I was going to add ginger carrots, but they tasted so strong I wasn’t sure they were still good, and was not in the mood to experiment with food that might mess with my stomach again.

This afternoon, I finally introduced cherries. I have been inexplicably obsessed with cherries this summer, and since it’s the tail end of the cherry season, and I can eat raw fruit now, and I had a couple extra dollars when I got to Aldi… I don’t know what the deal was with cherries, but I bought them, and they are soooo good. Which is a good thing, because otherwise it would be a letdown after noticing them all summer long.

My stomach felt great right after eating the cherries, but started twinging slightly after I tasted supper. Since supper consisted of chicken, onion, garlic, mushroom and butter, (with olive oil and sauerkraut) I can’t imagine why that would have made my stomach twinge, but the cherries don’t quite make sense as a cause either. I’ll guess I’ll just keep going and see what happens….

GAPS Diet, Days 58-59

Tuesday I had to go pick up our new printer from Best Buy. I have love-hate relationship with the ship-to-store system, but I do get to print coupons again, and no longer have to deal with the obnoxious Lexmark. Hopefully Brother turns out to be less obnoxious than Lexmark…

Anyway, on Tuesday morning I had carrot juice with the juice from my last piece of apple. For breakfast (a bit late, because it was after my errand) I had leftover salmon chowder with yogurt. Lunch was more of the same. I began to suspect that the yogurt was hurting my stomach, but didn’t want to admit to this being a possibility.

Supper was really amazing sauteed julienned (also known as ‘matchstick size strips of’) zucchini with a tomato and beef sauce (Colton ate his sauce with spaghetti). I drizzled it with olive oil and added parmesan cheese and yogurt on top and greatly enjoyed it. Also, my stomach was sore all evening.

Eating a raisin coconut bite actually seemed to make it feel a little bit better-coconut seems to be soothing for my stomach.

Wednesday I stopped eating yogurt and deliberately stepped up my use of parmesan cheese to test which was making my stomach hurt. My stomach did much better all day, with only slight residual soreness, so, though I don’t understand it, I’m off yogurt for now. On the other hand, parmesan cheese is a-ok! This bodes well for introducing cheddar soon!

Wednesday morning was carrot juice. Breakfast was leftover cauliflower soup. Sauerkraut on cauliflower soup is interesting. Not bad or anything, but not exactly a four star chef combination.

Lunch was leftover salmon chowder with more sauerkraut. The sauerkraut sat great on my stomach, but it was a little weird to eat it on everything all day long. On the plus side, I got to eat parmesan on everything all day long too.

Wednesday afternoon I had Moriah and Toby and Elsie over helping me out with stuff, so laundry got folded and a lot of dishes got done even though I was still feeling pretty tired.

Supper was roasted red pepper and tomato soup, which was good (and very garlicy), but the red pepper got overwhelmed, by the tomato, so it’s probably not worth repeating. I think I actually skipped probiotic food with this meal, because I was tired of sauerkraut.

After supper I finished off my raisin coconut bites and decided I was getting tired of raisins. My sweetener options are very limited at this point, since we’re out of honey again, and have no gaps-legal dried fruit besides raisins.

I revisited my theory that any fruit that I’ve introduced in juice form should also be fine to eat raw (since I was fine with raw apple, so the fibrousness of raw fruit should be fine…). This seemed to hold true with a few bites of mango on Saturday morning, so we opened a #10 can of pineapple we’d been given a couple weeks ago. (No ingredients except pineapple and pineapple juice, so we’re good there.)

I chopped the pineapple chunks even smaller and mixed them with coconut butter and a bit of shredded coconut, rolled the mixture into balls and put it in the fridge. After chilling, they were softer than the raisin version, but pretty good–almost reminiscent of creamy fruit salad I’ve had. Definitely a nice change for a sweet snack.

The good news for the past few days is that butter and cheese (so far) seem to be perfectly fine, and coconut is even soothing to my stomach. Also, I seem to be up to three fruits I can eat raw now. (Pretty soon I’ll just assume that I’m okay with all fruit, even if I haven’t specifically tried it yet.) I’ve been slowly phasing in dried spices with no apparent problem. I’ve been consistent with my thyroid medicine and my olive oil, pretty good with my chicken stock, and okay with my probiotic foods. I’m still at 3 1/2 capsules of probiotic, but probably ready to increase soon.

The bad news is that inexplicably yogurt now seems to bother my stomach. I’m not sure what’s going on there, as it seemed to be fine before (as long as it was properly made)…