GAPS Diet, Day 88

Last night before I went to bed I got hungry again (metabolism going up being on thyroid meds, maybe?) and made a raisin ‘milkshake’ of raisin syrup in milk.

This morning I had spinach carrot mango juice again, a little lighter on the spinach this time. Breakfast was leftover leftovers from lunch yesterday: green beans with ground beef, carrots and a zucchini pizza, eaten with yogurt cheese and olive oil, and plenty of butter and meat grease intrinsic in the various dishes.

Lunch was leftover sauteed onion and orange pepper with meat. Once again Colton ate his on baked potato, and I ate the other half of my golf ball sized potato, with plenty of butter and yogurt cheese.

It was a crashing kind of day again. I did get some laundry folded, and started reading a book that has been recommended to me many times, most recently by Colton. (Supper of the Lamb–at 15 pages in I can already tell it’s going to be really good read.) I’m really hoping to feel better by tomorrow so I can get through cooking ahead for our vacation in time to do last minute shopping and packing for vacation early next week.

This afternoon I got a bit hungry and ate some raisin butter and made a version of GAPS hot cocoa. I’ve done a no-sweetener hot cocoa before when I was on extended no-sugar diets, so I thought it was worth a try again, and this time I have a milk frother, which makes everything better! (Well, beverages at least. The ones that froth.  Not like lemonade or something.) I heated it very slowly to lukewarm so as not to destroy those raw milk enzymes and make it GAPS illegal. It turned out pretty well, but I used a little too much cocoa powder for not having any sweetener to balance out the bitterness. I’ll have to try it again and tweak it.

This afternoon I also developed an odd neck pain. The muscles down the front of my neck and throat are sore. The soreness seems to come in waves, and at the worst it’s painful to have to hold my head up. Then the pain recedes again and it’s only vaguely painful to move my head around, sit up, etc. I tried to research this, but only came up with one match, on a multiple sclerosis message board, and with no cause or explanation attached. Hopefully it’s just a muscle that I somehow accidentally strained, but it’s hard not to freak out just little bit about  strange unexplained neck pains…

Supper was mackerel ‘patties’–mine on a spinach salad with yogurt cheese (made into a sort of dressing with salt, garlic, basil and olive oil) and Colton’s as a sandwich. (Mackerel is the new salmon, so to speak)

After getting home from frisbee I had a few sips of rum, in hopes of getting my neck muscles to relax, and NOT waking up in the middle of the night unable to move my head, or any similar problems.

On the bright side, my second day of potatoes seemed to go fine for my stomach.

GAPS Diet, Days 86 &87

Tuesday morning I had everything all set up to get out the door as soon as possible to start my shopping. It even mostly worked. I had my carrot mango juice and got out the door before 8:30. Since Colton leaves for work at about ten to eight, this isn’t a bad lag time for me. 🙂

I did all (okay, technically most) of the shopping I needed to do for the next three weeks, including vacation. (I just have to go pick up some last minute vegetables next week.) I also used my $5 off $15 purchase coupon on Bed, Bath and Beyond to get an apple peeler/corer/slicer gadget for $16 including tax, and stopped at Walgreens to spend my Register Rewards and then forgot to use them at checkout (though I did get chocolate for Colton to eat on vacation, almonds for me to make grain-free granola with).

I ate a couple handfuls of almonds around ten.

I got home just barely in time to fix lunch for Colton and I and found out that Colton had to work through lunch again. This meant less time pressure, but also meant that I really couldn’t wait for Colton to carry up the cooler and other perishable groceries for me. 🙂 (I did leave the 30 pounds of onions and assorted dry groceries for him to carry in the evening though.)

For lunch I warmed up the leftover bean soup, and added a dollop of chicken juices and fat I’d saved from last time I roasted chicken legs. This turned out to be a really good addition, and with the pureed beans, actually kind of reminded me of KFC gravy (odd as that may sound…). I also put yogurt (and I think olive oil) on top.

After lunch I had to finish putting away some groceries from the cooler, but was really tired after my big errand trip, so I laid down for a nap as soon as I could stop myself from tiredly puttering around doing nothing. I slept for three hours. Apparently I really needed the nap…

Unfortunately, this means that by the time I dragged myself out of bed it was 4:30 and time for Colton to be getting home and us to be leaving for dinner at a friends house. And since we were taking frozen pizza for dinner, I was supposed to have made some kind of GAPS pizza for me already. I ditched the idea of trying cauliflower crust pizza, and threw together zucchini pizzas in time for us to leave by 5 and be ‘not late’ if not exactly early either.

I took my probiotic capsule with me, but forgot to take them with supper, so I took them when we got home.

We had a fun time playing games and eating various versions of pizza, and while I still got tired (even after a three hour nap!) I didn’t get exhausted or have to leave early (yay!).

As you might imagine, after a day spent almost entirely out of the house or sleeping, this morning was not nearly so organized. Colton let me sleep in, so by the time I got up I really only had time to make juice, make breakfast, take my detox bath (I’d missed several days already) and do my new essential oils routine (adding Thieves on a sore spot near my heel that may or may not be the reflexology spot for small intestines) before breaking my leisurely pace to brush my hair, warm up lunch, wash the juicer and make the house slightly presentable (though not really clean) so Colton could bring a guest home for lunch.

I added spinach to my juice this morning–quite a lot in fact, considering I’m rationing my carrots until the next Azure Standard order comes in and the mangoes at Aldi were small this time. Still good, but… extra spinachy…

Breakfast was leftover hamburger stew, with olive oil and yogurt. I also had a spoonful of raisin butter, and remembered to take my omega oil and cod liver oil. (Yay!)

Lunch was leftover green beans and onions mixed with ground beef, leftover carrots and a leftover zucchini pizza (with yogurt and olive oil).

This afternoon I did laundry, and Toby and Moriah came over and washed some dishes and cleaned my bathroom for me while I tidied up the bedroom, and between us we put away a few groceries. (There are however, still about 15 pounds of onions sitting in my living room. They don’t all fit in my normal onion basket, but, they were on sale at Aldi, and I don’t turn down food for 23 cents a pound except under drastic circumstances.)

I started over again at introducing potatoes for supper. I made baked potatoes, and while Colton ate his with meat and sauteed onions and (orange) peppers on top, I ate my meat and veggies as the main dish. I also ate half a golf ball sized potato with lots of butter and some yogurt cheese (which happened to be off the top half of the jar, so it had lots of ‘sour cream’ in it).

I increased my probiotic to 4 3/4 capsules today. I plan to continue eating potato at about the same daily amount for at least a few days, and then increase it more gradually this time. Hopefully if I take it that slowly it will actually work this time…

GAPS Diet, Days 84 & 85

Early Sunday morning I woke up and noticed some discomfort in my stomach. It gradually got worse until I was convinced that I was about to come down with the stomach flu, and any second was going to have to bolt for the bathroom. Then it gradually subsided to a vaguely sensitive stomach and seemed to be fine by the time I got up.

I had my carrot mango juice and had beef and beans for breakfast–heated in butter, with extra salt and garlic, with yogurt and olive oil on top. Yummy!

I had a little bit of coffee with raw milk before church. (I’ve started bringing the coffee ‘fixings’ I need in a travel mug and just adding coffee when I get there. Works out well on those somewhat rushed mornings.)

I started off the morning feeling not so great, in a ‘I think I’ll just sit here on the floor for a few minutes before go through all the exertion of getting up again’ sort of way, but by the time church ended I was feeling pretty good. Not quite feeling amazing, but definitely a lot better than the week before.

For lunch I had chicken breast in tomato sauce, green beans and unsweetened applesauce–I didn’t even have to eat the soup I brought. I was pretty excited about that. 🙂

After lunch we headed over to Colton’s family’s place to hang out for the rest of the day with all the ‘usuals’ plus some friends who are back in town this week. I was really glad to be feeling better so as not to miss it!

In the afternoon I had some peach wine and tried eating some in-the-shell peanuts. (I shelled them before eating.) This is gaps no-no, to eat peanuts that haven’t been properly soaked, but I thought it was worth a try, especially since I’m still wanting to come off GAPS soon. Unfortunately, the slightly sore stomach that lasted into today suggests that I should stop ‘trying’ things and stick with the program.

Supper was turkey, green beans sauteed with onions in butter, crockpot-roasted carrots (with butter, of course). I ate just a couple bites of watermelon after supper.

A couple hours later I was hungry again (oddly) and snacked on some bits of leftover turkey and a little asiago cheese (it would appear that I approve of asiago cheese).

By the time we got home I wasn’t sure if I was hungry or not, so I had a glass of milk before bed.

This morning, I woke up starving. I hadn’t washed the juicer the day before, and didn’t have enough time to wash it first thing and get Colton off to work in time, so I had some peppermint tea with the very last of our honey. By the time I talked myself into getting back up and washing the juicer I was starving again, and trying not to have a bad attitude about the whole day, GAPS diet food in general and Lyme disease. (Who knew it was even possible to have a bad attitude on first-sweater-of-the-season day? I love that there’s a bit of chill in the air now…)

I did eventually get my carrot mango juice, and then debated doing T Tapp. I hate to skip exercising if I can possibly feel well enough to do it, and T Tapp has the distinction of being the longest running (no pun intended) exercise program of my life. But… Well, it hurts. It really shouldn’t, and I’m not sure why it does, but I suspect that some combination of the type of exercise and the effect that Lyme disease has on my muscles causes long term soreness (at both 5x and 3x a week intervals).

So, I took a walk this morning. I’m not ready to ditch the T Tapp, but it’s getting so hard to talk myself into something that hurts while I’m doing it, makes me permanently sore to the touch, and wears me out. I had a lovely 3/4 of the mile (30 minute) walk along the trails instead.

For breakfast I had hamburger stew with sauerkraut, but once it came to actually eating food my stomach informed me rather quickly that it was done, and why was I trying to force this food down it’s throat (so to speak) anyway. (It was a difficult food day…)

Lunch was hamburger meat mixed with navy beans (which are white, not navy) and green beans (which are in fact, green). I ate mine with yogurt and olive oil and by this time I was starving again. Go figure.

The afternoon was mostly devoted to food planning for the next couple of weeks, especially for our staycation (yay, staycation!). I have some splurge food planned for that, such as GAPS legal hot dogs (I don’t even want to think about how much they cost per pound, but when you figure it as instead of restaurant meal we’d probably do for vacation if I wasn’t on GAPS…) and chicken wings.

I snacked a few times over the afternoon–I tried adding raisin butter (a mix of raisin syrup and coconut butter) to some yogurt, but it wasn’t quite sweet enough, so I added extra raisin syrup and coconut oil and another dash of cinnamon. The result was surprisingly not bad. Later I ate a spoonful of raisin butter and one of coconut butter. Eventually I realized that eating so much coconut oil was probably not going to stop the ongoing feeling of needing more food (since it tends noticeably increase metabolism)…

Though apparently the metabolism effect was only partial because I crashed for a nap instead of doing dishes. (Unfortunately, I also couldn’t sleep.)

Supper was a white chicken chili. I forgot to thaw out chicken stock at the right time, so it was just cooked in water. GAPS fail. I did a partial blend of it with the immersion blender so the beans themselves formed nice thick soup base with no dairy needed, but there were still unblended beans recognizable in the soup. I made a mango salsa to go with it, and ate it with cheddar cheese and yogurt (and olive oil).

After a couple bowls of bean soup I finally felt full. 🙂

I’m still at 4 1/2 capsules of probiotic, and I remembered to take my cod liver and omega oils today. The last few days I’ve (somewhat sporadically) been making an effort to go back to decompressing my neck regularly, and am combining that with application of valor oil. This morning I also starting trying peppermint oil over my thyroid again (the book said cut it 50/50 with a dilution oil–I just put a couple drops of peppermint on my fingers, followed by a couple drops of grapeseed oil).

Tomorrow is shopping day. Hopefully I’m feeling a bit less sleepy for it…

GAPS Diet, Day 83

Last night after I posted my gaps report for the day I got hungry again. I think I’m craving starches again, and even specifically sugars to some extent. I ate half a mango, which made me feel a lot better, and then introduced my fermented navy beans. I took a largish spoonful of cold beans, mixed in some yogurt, salt and garlic and called it bean salad.

This morning I skipped my juice and went with smoothie for breakfast as a juice substitute. My smoothie of choice this  morning: banana peach mango, with real cow’s milk, hold the sauerkraut.

As usual for a Saturday my meal schedule was a bit off. I ate a drumstick and a few leftover roasted carrots about lunchtime. A couple hours later I ate chicken thigh with some sauerkraut and a smallish normal sized serving of beans (reaheated in butter–yum).

This afternoon I started scrounging for some new idea to feed my sugar craving with GAPS legal foods I have available. I made some raisin syrup, which was a good start, but I still had to figure out what to do with it. Mixing it with coconut butter and extra cinnamon produced an apple butter colored substance that would have been marvelous spread on toast or pancakes, but I didn’t have either of those. Next I tried mixing the raisin syrup with milk, adding a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. Raisin milkshake! Disturbingly enough, it hit the spot. (I have to get off this diet… It’s doing strange things to me…)

After the raisin ‘milkshake’ I ate some cheddar cheese for protein to balance out the sweetness.

I had a late supper of ground beef with cheddar cheese and raw tomato slices.

Echoes and Arias

I’ve discovered that I like mediocre 80s movies. I’m not quite willing to call them *bad* 80s movies, because the feel that genre evokes is a bit more so than most of the movies I actually like. And technically, most of them were actually made in the early 90s (such as Kindergarten Cop and Speed), but that doesn’t change the fact that in genre they are are 80s movies.

I’ve always liked these movies, but I’ve just recently discovered that they are all, in fact, mediocre 80s movies. I can see now the pervasive bad hair, the ugly sweaters, and the horror of the inexplicable pastel-potato-sack-with-tights look. I’m even willing to admit that some of the acting is a bit stiff.

But somehow, it doesn’t really matter. Even badly dressed and occasionally awkward people have a story. The echoes of The Story that reverberate through the cheap sets are enough to pull me in. Interestingly, neither Speed nor Kindergarten Cop starts with ‘boy meets girl’. They start with ‘boy fights bad guy’ and along the way move to ‘boy will move heaven and earth to save girl *and* defeat bad guy’. It’s not quite The Great Romance, but it sure does sound a little like it, doesn’t it?

And really, I hardly feel I can blame them for being faint echoes. Some days I have bad hair and flub my lines too.

But I firmly believe that God can take my little echo and turn it into a beautiful aria. Slowly, we may someday all move past the 80’s movie stage to make better echoes of The Story in our lives and our art. But in the meantime… I’ll listen for the echoes I can hear now, and imagine the symphony it all turns into in the end.

GAPS Diet, Day 82

Last night my hand slipped while sprinkling probiotic from the capsule onto my food, and I got about the equivalent about five capsules instead of 4 1/2. I got a die-off headache pretty quickly and it hasn’t got away since.

Other than that, I feel better today than I have this past week. Still tired, and just a bit lightheaded when I get up, after sitting and lying down most of the week, but I did get just a little bit done this afternoon, and now have hopes that next week will actually be productive.

This morning I had carrot mango juice, as usual, and leftover salmon’hash’ for breakfast,with yogurt cheese, avocado and olive oil.

Lunch was chicken soup with yougut and olive oil.

This afternoon I got some of the dirty dishes washed and a little tidying up and Sunday prep work done.

Supper was roast basil garlic chicken legs and roasted carrots. I forgot to eat a probiotic food with it, but I did put several drops of olive oil on it. My table bottle of olive oil needs a refill…

I considered just going with my mistake of yesterday and upping my probiotic dose to 5 capsules, but as Colton pointed out, I’ve already been sick for a week and I don’t really want to prolong that any more than necessary. So, I’m still at 4 1/2 capsuled for today, and I’ll up it to 4 3/4 capsules once I’m feeling better.

I tried cooking my fermented beans today. I was pleased to note that they smelled sour and yogurty this time instead of sharply repulsive. I was not so pleased that after 8 hours of cooking they were still hard. Apparently fermented beans are just not my forte. Ordinarily I’d be okay with this, but for trying to proceed in the GAPS diet it’s just not helpful. If I can’t get them to cook to at least an edible stage, I’ll probably just do a normal overnight soak (or even extend it to 24-36 hours) and introduce them that way…

Adventure is out there!

Colton and I are both adventure people. Granted, Colton has a lot more tolerance and energy for big grand adventures than I do, but, on some level, if GAPS diet weren’t an adventure to slay the dragon and live happily every after (with more energy!) it would be even harder than it is.

And both of us can be idea people, but Colton is almost invariably the one who has the follow through and decisiveness to start the adventure. It’s a little disconcerting sometimes. I say ‘meteor shower this weekend’ and Colton’s setting the alarm for three the next morning. Saying anything in the car is particularly dangerous because my saying, ‘We should go see/do/eat (fill in the blank) sometime’ is immediately translated into ‘We should do that now!’ Once I mused about a movie I’d like to see again and we ended up buying a used copy of it in a video rental store about twenty minutes later.

Though, when I say dangerous and disconcerting, I really just mean awesome. 🙂 It’s just that my brain is still stuck back on, “Hang on, is this a good idea? Shouldn’t we plan this some more? Maybe schedule it in advance and mull it over for a while?” while Colton is putting the plan or sometimes even lack of plan, into action.

You’d think I’d be used to this by now. But no, on Wednesday night, when I said, “We should buy Dutch Blitz sometime”,  I thought this just meant I’d add it to an Amazon order sometime in the next couple of weeks if we had the extra money at the time. Colton immediately grasped the idea that Dutch Blitz was fun, and we should play it as soon as possible. The only hesitation was over whether we could put together a Dutch Blitz replica with playing cards or should call John and Whitney to borrow their copy.

After discovering that one of the decks of cards we’d need to play the game was actually a pinochle deck (which looks a lot like a bewilderingly weird deck of cards at first glance, especially if you’ve never played pinochle, which I haven’t), Colton decided that borrowing Dutch Blitz at nine o clock at night was the way to go.

I would have still been back at wondering if this was a good idea, but I started to get caught up in the crazy adventure vibe, and headed out with Colton, barefoot and backpackless, to borrow Dutch Blitz. I didn’t even take my water bottle.

And then somehow this whole only slightly crazy plan turned into a spontaneous party of four player Dutch Blitz where we stayed up too late and I lost badly, as usual.

Bilbo Baggins might have had to step all the way outside his front door to get swept off into an adventure, but around here, adventures seem to lurk in corners and around furniture just waiting to pounce as soon as I say, “You know, sometime we should…”