GAPS Diet, Day 65

This morning I actually started the day with ginger tea and honey, which helpfully eliminated the headache which was obviously trying to regroup and attack me again. Then I had carrot mango juice. Breakfast and lunch were both leftover beet soup, both with sauerkraut and and olive oil. For lunch I added a sprinkle of parmesan cheese (and ate a chunk of cheddar as I fixed a quesadilla for Colton).

This afternoon I did laundry, washed dishes (there weren’t a lot, because Colton caught up for me over the weekend, but it was still exciting to stay caught up), tidyed up, cleaned the bathroom, swept and quick-mopped the kitchen… In other words, I did all of my normal daily chores! I’d like to eventually get to the point where it’s normal to not just do my daily chores, but do extra projects besides, but for now, getting back to the point where I can do all my chores in a day is very exciting.

I ate another chunk of cheese in the afternoon, and finished off the cherries. I think it was a lack of protein in lunch that made me hungry…

Supper was salmon patties, which turned out very well, and whipped cauliflower, which was good as always, but not the best I’ve made. (It came out a bit too runny.) I dutifully ate my sauerkraut and olive oil with my meal.

I didn’t really have a good chance to eat more tomato today, but I had no bad reaction from last night’s tomato, and suspect at this point, with fruit going so well, that I’m fine with veggies too. Tomorrow I’ll try to eat a bit more tomato, and probably try some raw mushroom.

After supper Colton mixed me a rum, pinapple juice and coconut milk drink (with a spoonful of honey also). As usual I only drank about half my drink… but, no stomach pain or anything so far, so yay!

And even after a full afternoon of laundry and dishes, I had enough energy to play Race for the Galaxy after supper. Unfortunately I didn’t win…

I got my ‘four’ (two Tummy Tuneup) capsules of probiotic today, and did better getting sauerkraut with every meal, even though I’m going with smallish serving sizes. Tomorrow I really need to make sure I take my cod liver oil…

I should be very close to getting to full GAPS now. And once I’m on full GAPS with no digestive issues, I can introduce cocoa powder! Yay!


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