GAPS Diet, Days 62, 63 & 64

Saturday I had banana pineapple coconut milk smoothie for breakfast. (I counted that as my juice for the day…disapprove if you like…) I also had some leftover taco salad meat for protein.

Lunchish was some meat cooked up with mushrooms and onions. I grated some sharp cheddar cheese over the top, and it was marvelous! I restrained myself to a relatively small amount of cheese, since I was technically introducing it…

And, in a  startling turn of events, I didn’t have to cook supper on Saturday! I think that was the first meal I’ve eaten in about a month and half that I didn’t have to cook (or at least partly cook) myself.

Whitney made some ribs, spiced up well enough that I didn’t miss the BBQ sauce, and I avoided the slightly edgy vinegar on my salad, and stuck with my usual olive oil and avocado.

I had a headache from Friday evening through late Saturday. I increased my probiotic on Thursday or Friday (apparently I had a record keeping fail about that…), right around the time a big storm was moving in with lots of air pressure changes *and* at a time of the month I was probably due for a headache anyway. After some lavender oil and a head rub from Colton the headache faded, but it didn’t really go away until playing Nintendo 64 after dinner. (Just for the record, Colton and I make a pretty good team on Super Smash Bros. on the 64. I throw fireballs a lot and he actually does useful stuff.) 🙂

Sunday was carrot lettuce mango kiwi juice, and a mishmash of leftovers for breakfast, primarily the last of the leftover cauliflower soup and some chicken. I added sauerkraut and olive oil. I also had a little coffee with coconut milk and honey

For lunch I made a GAPS stage 1 legal soup for fellowship meal, because Moriah is starting GAPS. I used leftover carrot pulp from juicing (pulp *without* any mango or kiwi in it), sliced canned beets, mushrooms, onions, chicken and  ginger, salt and pepper. I had planned to puree it into a borscht like soup, but at Colton’s suggestion, went with the hearty, chunky winter soup look, as it seemed that would be appealing to more people.

There were no other ‘main course’ dishes I could eat this time, but I was able to have a piece of yellow watermelon. Almost like having a dessert!

Sunday afternoon supperish I tried to make a faux teryaki sauce for some chicken I had in the fridge. Last time I used beet kvass in it, and thought that helped a lot with flavor depth that’s hard to get without soy sauce or molasses. So… this time I tried adding beet juice for a lot of the liquid… forgetting how sweet beets are.

It came out okay, especially after watering it down and adding extra savoury spices, but the ‘sickly sweet’ feel of it continued to bother me all evening, almost as though I’d just eaten some loaded with chemicals sauce I really shouldn’t have eaten.

I did enjoy my fake teryaki chicken, on a salad with cheddar cheese, and with a few of my homemade dorito chips on the side.

In the evening I ate small (well, smallish…) chunks of sharp cheddar. Convenient protein, you know, to counteract the sickly sweet teriyaki. Plus, I get to eat cheese now. 🙂

Early Sunday evening we went for a hike. I needed a couple of short rest breaks, but I made it about a mile round trip, at Colton pace (read: not slow) for most of it, without even feeling dead afterwards. I was tired at the end, and my right hip and ankle started twinging, but that’s better than I’ve done sometimes. Yay for GAPS diet and thyroid medication!

My headache was back off and on through Sunday, but not as bad as Saturday.

Monday morning was carrot cucumber mango juice. (I needed to use up a cucumber that had been sitting in the fridge. I’m glad I only used half of it in the juice, because that was quite enough cucumber flavor with my mango…) For breakfast I had leftover beet soup with sauerkraut and olive oil.

We’d meant to get out early to go frisbee golfing, but in true three day weekend style, we got out rather late to play frisbee golf. We played the ICC course again, which I quite enjoyed, and despite a rough start, improved my game slightly over last time. Unfortunately, I was not having an energetic day, and we had to quit 3/4 of the way through because I was really worn out. (It was probably about a mile of hiking, after hiking the day before, plus frisbee throwing, which adds up after a few throws for me.)

We decided to go to an earlier showing of The Odd Life of Timothy Green than we’d planned on, and stopped at a gas station to grab a snack.

Stop right there a second, and consider this: I was able to grab a snack at a gas station! Yes, it was cheese and banana, which is not exactly the epitome of gas station food. But it was there, and I bought it and ate it, and that is super exciting when you’ve been on GAPS for two months!

I did make a small error in the cheese, and got mozzerella/string cheese, which is technically not allowed on GAPS. I didn’t get a big reaction (it wasn’t a lot of cheese either), but my stomach did feel, not quite even sore, but slightly sensitive, later that afternoon.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green made a really good date movie, and (as we predicted beforehand) it made me cry.

For supper we made hamburgers. Wait, scratch that, we made *cheeseburgers*. (Can you tell I’m still excited about eating cheese?) With sauteed onions and mushrooms. I ate mine in a lettuce ‘bun’ with avocado dressing, and introduced raw tomato with it. (I realized I’ve been a bit derelict in continuing to introduce raw veggies.)

For an after supper snack I ate more pineapple coconut bites.

I increased my probiotic dose to four BK capsules, which I’m currently taking in the form of two Tummy Tuneup capsules. (TT is double the strength of BK.)

Overall, food has continued to go well as I’m moving to full GAPS. Dairy may be a bit of an issue, but (thankfully!) butter and harder cheeses have not been a problem. I decided that vinegar probably doesn’t need its own introduction period, since I’ve been eating sauerkraut with no problems, so I’ll probably take one meal to introduce it (just in case I have some clear stomach reaction) but not a whole two days. I may do something similar with some other food such as more raw veggies and alcoholic drinks, introducing them separately from other new food, but without a full introduction period.

At this point I’m leaning toward transitioning off of GAPS as soon as possible, but then continuing to eat 80-90% GAPS food for a while. That way I have the option of ‘cheating’ occasionally, and taking Sundays off (which is my normal practice with restrictive diets) without ending the healing benefits of GAPS. After having gone through the whole process I should have a pretty good idea of which foods seems to be hardest on my digestive system (currently, that seems to be dairy) and which ones aren’t as big of a deal to eat occasionally.

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