GAPS Diet, Day 66

This morning I had carrot lettuce mango juice. I think the mango wasn’t quite ripe, because the juice tasted more like sweet-tarts than it normally does…

I did T Tapp this morning! I haven’t been doing it regularly since I started GAPS (though I have at least sporadically continued it). I’m hoping that with more energy lately I’ll get back on a normal schedule with my chores *and* exercise.

After juice and T Tapp, I ran some errands.

At Walgreens I played the Register Reward system, which was fun to do again, even if it was less impressive than my previous Walgreens couponing runs. While 60% savings is less impressive than 95% savings, it’s more useful because I bought things we actually needed. (Nothing says love like not running out of toilet paper…)

At Aldi I bought a few pounds of carrots to tide me over until my co-op order comes in on Friday, along with some more fruit for juicing and more sharp cheddar cheese since I ate the last of my previous block yesterday. I also bought almonds, so I can make sure that nuts are technically okay with my digestive system, as so far I’ve substituted the cheaper sunflower seeds for actual nuts.

When I got home, breakfast was leftover beet soup with sauerkraut and olive oil.

Lunch was leftover salmon patties and whipped cauliflower, again with sauerkraut and olive oil.

This afternoon I spent some time doing ‘office’ chores like paying bills and trying to track down my lost cellphone. Moriah and Toby came over and helped me with washing dishes and folding laundry. (Toby was amazed at the small number of dishes, and thought perhaps I’d forgotten he was coming, and so failed to dirty extra dishes for him…)

For supper, I tried using the ingredients for this Thai Coconut Chicken Soup as a sauce/marinade for chicken legs. I think this could work well, but next time I would use a lot more of the flavor ingredients, and not a lot of flavor came through in the chicken. I cooked up some noodles for Colton to eat with his chicken, and some green beans and onions as a side dish for both of us. (And yes, sauerkraut–though I forgot my olive oil.)

I also made a GAPS pineapple upside down cake, which turned out quite well! I used the pineapple topping recipe from this page, and the cake recipe I came up earlier. (Sans raisins, using grated zucchini in place of applesauce, and adding a 1/4 cup of honey, 1 TBSP pineapple juice and 1/4 tsp of baking soda. But really, practically the same recipe.) It obviously wasn’t quite like traditional pineapple upside down cake, but it was moist and mostly cakish and sweet and pineapply so I was quite satisfied, and Colton said it was good, even aside from being GAPS legal.

After doing errands and not getting a good rest time in today I’m now pretty tired. Still, I got a decent amount done today, including being caught up on dishes right before supper, so I’m still well on track for the rest of week, which is a good feeling.

I started (white navy) beans soaking. GAPS requires extra soaking/fermenting time for beans, so they should be ready to cook and introduce on Monday. Until then I’ll continue testing with tomato, mushroom, baking soda, vinegar and such things. I did have some slight stomach twinges both before and after supper… hopefully not connected to any new (or old for that matter!) foods.