GAPS Diet, Day 67

Yesterday morning I had carrot mango juice, which for some reason tasted particularly good. I’m not sure if it was fresher carrots, riper mango, or just a ratio I’ll never be able to repeat, but it was a very good blend.

Breakfast was a kind of chicken salad made from leftover (blandish) Thai chicken from last night with chunks of tomato and cheddar cheese topped with avocado dressing, which contained my olive oil for the meal. I skipped the sauerkraut.

Lunch was leftover chicken, with a bit of sauerkraut, and pineapple upside down cake for dessert.

After two days rather full and tiring (compared to my recent energy and activity levels) I was starting to feel tired again, so I made it a point to take my rest time and not add any extra chores. After failing to nap I did feel somewhat more rested and got through all my basic chores again, including staying caught up on dishes. (Four days in a row!)

Supper was pork steaks, which were meant to be marinated in a lemon rosemary sauce, but really just tasted like lemon when they were done. Not bad, but not that impressive either. Colton ate his as a sandwich, I ate mine with sauerkraut, and we had leftover green beans on the side (which is where I sneaked in my olive oil).

I failed to get in my chicken stock, but I did finally remember to take my cod liver oil after missing several days in a row. I’m still at ‘4’ probiotic capsules, and probably ready to increase again soon.

It was an oddly unhungry day (other than eating breakfast a bit early because I was starving) with small meals keeping me full with no need for snacks. Well, except for around bedtime when I ate a spoonful of coconut butter with a couple drops of honey and tested out a few unsoaked almonds.

Whenever I test a new food I get this mental picture of tiny guys working an assembly line inside my stomach. “Yep, we got more meat, we’ll just digest that over here. And some carrots, yep, no problem. Whoa, hang on, what is this? HEY BOB, DO YOU KNOW WHAT WE’RE SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THIS?” It’s not my stomach is rejecting the new food or even upset by it, it just feels like my stomach is slightly confused until it figures out what to do with the new food.

I’m having a bit of snafu with yogurt to ferment my beans, but I do have a new plan to introduce cocoa powder while I’m waiting. (Yay, chocolate!!!)