GAPS Diet, Day 71

I left off the end of my last post that on Sunday evening I also had a small rum, pineapple juice, and coconut milk drink. Also, my stomach was having some turmoil for part of the evening. It was wasn’t nausea and it wasn’t really pain, and I have no idea what caused it.

This morning my stomach was still slightly off, though carrot mango juice seemed to help soothe it.

Breakfast was some hamburger meat with sauerkaut and forkful of brownie for dessert. (Dessert for breakfast is reasonable when you don’t eat breakfast until ten-thirty, right?)

I finally introduced the Barleans Total Omega oil today. AND remembered to take my cod liver oil. Win!

Lunch was leftover chicken and leftover green beans with olive oil and sauerkraut.

After lunch I hit a slump. I’d started out the day tired, and really didn’t feel like tackling the giant mound of weekend dishes. So… I did something that might have been a bad idea, and made a GAPS legal version of this pumpkin spice latte. Normally caffeine after noon is a bad idea for me, but I figured short sleep last night, plus getting up (and staying up) at my normal time gave me a good shot at having a little bit of caffeine to get through the afternoon and still sleep tonight. We shall see how the sleeping tonight part works out…

After a really yummy pumpkin spice latte (GAPSified recipe to follow) I tackled my dirty dishes, tidied up, did a quick clean of the bathroom, sat down for a few minutes to read a couple chapters of my current non-fiction book, made supper and washed a lot more dishes. I didn’t quite knock out *all* my weekend dishes but I did 3/4 of them, and getting so much done, especially on a tired day is a definite improvement on my pre-GAPS energy level. Yes, I had coffee, but there have been stages of fatigue where coffee didn’t really make a difference in my energy levels, so it’s still a really big deal to have gotten so much done today.

Supper was zucchini casserole, (kind of like GAPS lasagna) now with mushrooms and cheddar. (Those clearance mushrooms are showing up  a lot lately. Soon I’ll have to slice and freeze the extras–for now I just put them in everything.) I was good and ate mine with olive oil and sauerkraut.

And now I am tired. But I’m about to muster enough energy to go cut Colton’s hair. You should be very impressed with the GAPS diet right now. 🙂


GAPS Pumpkin Spice Latte (serves 1)

1 cup coconut milk

1 tablespoon canned pumpkin

1 1/2 tablespoons honey (roughly… I just put in a couple of normal size spoonfuls of honey)

1/4 cup strong coffee

a shake of cinnamon, a small shake of ginger, and a small shake of nutmeg

I blended mine with a milk frother, which worked beautifully, and even turned the coconut cream in the milk into a whipped cream like substance which floated on top. I’d recommend a blender, or at the very least a whisk if you don’t have a milk frother. Also, this came out chilled, which was perfect for today–if you want it hot you’ll have to heat the whole drink as there’s so much more coconut milk than coffee.


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