GAPS Diet, Day 75

Yesterday I woke up from an afternoon nap with a stuffy nose, that “I’m getting sick” feeling and the tiniest twinges of a sinus headache. It all passed pretty quickly when I got up and started moving around so I managed to convince myself that I was not getting sick. Still having a tired week maybe, but not getting sick.

This morning I woke up with similar symptoms again and my husband convinced me that not only was I sick, but I should take a sick day and actually rest. Weird…

I have to say that as the day has gone on, I became more and more convinced that he was right and that I really would have made myself miserable if I’d tried to proceed with my original plans of washing dishes, making mango salsa and baking GAPS bread.

I did get up and make myself carrot mango juice to start the day. I also sipped a couple of cups of ginger tea from mid morning to early afternoon. I had my breakfast at nine-thirty because I was starving–leftover chicken casserole and (you guessed it) green beans.

Lunch was more of the same, but with olive oil and sauerkraut. (Because sauerkraut will cure anything, right Merrianna?)

Supper was taco salad: ground beef with seasonings, lettuce, homemade GAPS tortilla chips, cheddar cheese and impromptu homemade salsa and guacomole, topped with olive oil and fermented banana peppers.

After supper I made GAPS hot cocoa again.

I have great plans for feeling all better tomorrow, but these plans rarely work out like I want them to…

Attempt at Coming off GAPS, aka GAPS Diet, Days 73-74

Wednesday morning started with carrot mango juice, then a nice breakfast of zuccchini casserole with olive oil and sauerkraut.

Lunch was a chicken stirfry type meal, with onion green pepper and mushrooms.

Grace caught up on my dishes for me, also vacuuming *and* scrubbing all the hard water deposits off my dish drainer drip pan. Not something that’s been high on my list lately, so it was nice to see it all shiny again. 🙂

I focused on my usual Wednesday task of ‘making sure we can eat for the next two weeks’ aka menu planning and grocery list making. I did also clean out the fridge, including scrubbing some beet juice off the bottom of my fridge, but perhaps that was more than you wanted to know…

Wednesday supper was a GAPS casserole verison of this Garlic Cheddar Chicken recipe. I just substituted a mix of coconut flour and sunflower seed flour for the breadcrumbs and used the breading mixture as a topping for shredded chicken in a 9×13 pan. It was quite as cheddary as I was hoping but it was quite good, and I’ll probably use the breading recipe for other things now too.

The garlic cheddar chicken was kind of overshadowed however, by fried potatoes. They were so good! They were crispy and soft and buttery and potatoey, and I was having a serious starch craving. Also, being distracted by potatoes, I kind of forgot to fix a vegetable…

I had coconut milk hot cocoa for dessert.

That evening I started to get stomach pains. They drifted from a general heavy feeling to general pain to lower abdominal cramping and of all things, hip joint pain. After applying some lavender oil I was eventually able to get to sleep, but briefly woke up a couple times in the night to notice the pain wasn’t entirely gone.

I really wanted to come up with excuses why hip joint pain did not mean I should stop eating potatoes, but with a slightly sore stomach most of the next day it was pretty clearly a digestive reaction, and not a good one. So, my plans of coming off of GAPS are being delayed for now. *sigh* At least the stomach pain thoroughly killed my starch craving.

Thursday also started with carrot mango juice, and grocery shopping which overran my breakfast time. I made five stops in three hours and made it home in time for lunch, which was leftover chicken casserole and green beans.

I had a few things I had to get done on Thursday afternoon, but after a busy morning I mostly crashed. (So much for my goal of staying caught up on dishes this week. With the help I had they’re not bad, but I was hoping for a more productive than tired week this week…)

Thursday supper was pork chops (with garlic powder, salt and pepper–very yummy) and green beans. (Yeah, apparently I’m on a green bean kick. I’m sure I’ll get over it soon.) We went out so Colton could play frisbee (in the rain no less–I stayed in the car and read Northanger Abbey) and by the time we got home I was unaccountably starving again. I cut up some leftover pork chop and fresh tomato into melted butter and covered it with cheddar cheese. The pork chop seasonings and tomato juices permeated the butter and tasted amazing. (I think I need new food words. I’m kind of repetitive. Any suggestions for more descriptive food words than amazing, wonderful, so good and yummy?)