GAPS Diet, Day 78

Carrot mango juice this morning, followed by a breakfast of leftover hamburger stew, with olive oil and a couple spoonfuls of yogurt. I’m trying to give cheese a bit of a rest while I re-introduce yogurt so as not to overload my stomach with dairy (and so as to conserve cheese).

Lunch was more hamburger stew, with sauerkraut and olive oil this time.

Colton not only got caught up on all the dirty dishes that needed to be washed over the weekend, but took the laundry with him again this week. (While Colton has often done laundry for me just to give me more chance to rest, we also currently have a system where money we save by his doing laundry at the office goes to his fund to buy Guild Wars 2. This system works out well for both of us and our budget simultaneously.)

So I had a fairly light afternoon, which is good because I’m having yet another tired day… I *think* it’s still just effects of having a cold, but I miss the energy I was just starting to get back. On the other hand, even on a tired day I was able to stay caught up on dishes, tidy up, clean the bathroom, and make supper without feeling *quite* dead afterwards. This is still progress I think.

I read that peppermint oil applied over the thyroid can help with fatigue, and since peppermint oil was on the list of oils that might help low thyroid function I figured it was a worth a try so I started that today.

Supper was chicken with a reduced-stock sauce containing butter, tomato, onion, garlic, rosemary and basil. I added some olive oil to mine.

I was still at 4 1/2 probiotic capsules today and actually remembered to take my cod liver oil and omega oils. Getting back to T Tapp, even irregularly seems to have reactivated my constant sore muscle problem, but other than tiredness, I don’t seem to have any prominent cold/detox symptoms.

GAPS Diet, Days 76 & 77

Saturday felt somewhat better but still tired from being sick. I didn’t have any ripe mangoes (Aldi mangoes: cheap, but usually quite green) so I had straight carrot juice in the morning. Breakfast was made out of leftover taco salad ingredients.

I ate my breakfast a bit late and then got a hankering to go out and about town, so after our normal Saturday chores of budget meeting and Colton washing some dishes for me while I balanced the checkbook, we went to visit the library. I hadn’t been to the Main Street branch since it was remodeled, and I’d been increasingly curious to see the new version. It was a nice visit, and I found the most recent installment of the Thursday Next series which I hadn’t read yet, so the trip was a success. The coolest part was the self checkout.

By the time we finished at the library I had used up all my energy and was back ‘I’m not feeling so great’ levels of tiredness.

The upshot of all of this, is that I didn’t eat ‘lunch’ until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. I snacked on some almonds and then warmed up some ground beef and topped it with cheddar cheese. (I wished I had some lacto fermented ketchup to go with it, but it’s hard to complain too much when you have meat and cheese.)

Supper was ground beef cooked up with mushrooms and topped with cheddar cheese. I’m on a bit of a cheddar cheese kick, and our 5 lb block is disappearing at an alarming rate…

That evening I decided that (in honor of the Morton pumpkin festival and all) it was time for some pumpkin frozen dessert. I was recently given a small ice cream maker I have yet to try out, but for that evening I opted for the easy version, which wouldn’t use any of my again rapidly depleting honey. I threw three frozen bananas in the blender with about half a can of pumpkin, a good shake of cinnamon and a sprinkle of nutmeg and ginger. It could have used a bit of honey, but (once it thawed enough for the blender to handle it) it actually came out quite well, and the texture was amazingly creamy. (With honey in it I think it would have actually made the list of GAPS desserts Colton liked. As it was he said it was really good for what I had to work with. I mention this because Colton tends to be a good barometer of whether something actually tasted good, as opposed to my reaction, which under the circumstances can be more based on how little it tastes like sauerkraut.)

Sunday morning started with carrot mango juice and breakfast of hamburger, cheese and avocado, with the obligatory sauerkraut and olive oil.

I made it through church, but we opted to come home immediately afterward rather than stay for lunch, because I was feeling really tired again.

Lunch was hamburger stew. It worked out so well last week I made a similar version for this week with hamburger, tomato paste, chicken stock, mushrooms, carrot pulp from the juicer and zucchini. I used garlic powder instead of fresh this time, and it was bit short on salt. Still good, but not quite as good as last week.

Supper was more hamburger stew, again with sauerkraut and olive oil.

I snacked on more pumpkin custard stuff (leftover from the largeish batch I made on Saturday).

For a bedtime snack I had more hamburger stew, but this time with a dollop of yogurt. I’m hoping the bad reaction before was a fluke and I can introduce it again now, especially since cheese and butter seem to be fine.

I increased my probiotic to 4 1/2 capsules on Sunday. I’ve had a persistent itching the last couple of days, on my fingers, my right foot and now on my scalp. It feels like the kind of itching that comes with a rash, but there’s no visible change to the skin. I’m hoping this is a detox reaction. (Detox reactions are always more exciting that weird random medical events.) Other than that, I’ve had only mild symptoms from my cold (very mild congestion, and I think I’ve coughed twice, but don’t worry I’m immune to whooping cough) besides the tiredness.